Yu XinYue – 04

Chapter 4

Yu Xinyue woke up after sleeping for a long time. She felt refreshed and energized. While yawning, she stretched out like a cat, opened her eyes and looked at the thin purple silk fluttering in the wind. She propped herself up, scratched her head, and looked around. 

‘Is there anything I can change for?’

She wants to go to the hot spring for a bath. She saw cabinets and boxes on the wall near the censer.

‘Maybe some clothes are stored there?’

Opening the cabinet, she saw that there were no clothes in it but full of jade bottles like those in the living room. She opened the box next to the cabinet and finally found a few sets of clothes.

Taking out a set of ancient Hanfu, she walked to the hot spring, washed her face and bathed in the room next to the hot spring and finally soaked in the hot spring. Sighing in satisfaction, she closed her eyes.

‘I can’t stay in this place forever. I need to find a way to get back into my world. I don’t know how ZhiJiu and LuoYe are now? That bolt of lightning… Hopefully, it didn’t cause any harm to them.’

An hour later, she dressed in an ancient costume like those in the Xianxia drama and left the bamboo house. Standing in front of the house, she was thinking about how to get out of this place, when suddenly her eyes blurred and she stood by the river.

Looking around and seeing that she had left the place, she smiled. So she just needs to think to get in and out of that place. She was delighted, that place is her space. It’s a good golden finger for a commoner like her.

She closed her eyes, trying to see what was going on in her space. She didn’t know if she could do it. Focusing her mind, she could see clearly the situation in her space. She curved up her lips and tried to use her own mind and thinking about the peaches in her own space.

Opening her eyes, she saw a big round peach on her palm. Indeed, she can take out any object from space with her mind. It’s really convenient for her. But she still needs to practice a few more times, because being outside makes it difficult to concentrate to take out items from the space.

Biting the peach, she walked towards the forest across the river. If she wants to find a way back to her world, she needs to get out of this place. After walking for nearly an hour, she arrived at the junction of the forest and the grassland.

‘This forest looks ordinary from a distance, why does it feel weird when it is close?’ She swallowed, took a deep breath and walked into the forest.

The forest is covered with tall trees and the dense foliage blocks sunlight from reaching the ground. It makes the inside of the forest cooler than the outside and it feels humid. She rubbed her arm when she felt goosebumps rise on it.

As she walked, she watched her surroundings vigilantly. The forest grew darker and darker as she went. Whenever the wind blows, Yu XinYue can hear the whistling sound. The current situation is similar to the horror movies she has seen before.

‘There won’t be ghosts or serial killers appearing out of nowhere, right?’

She walked carefully and after walking for a long time, she did not make much progress. When she felt lost in this dark forest, a light came in from the side of a tall tree. When she finally saw a light, her eyes lit up.

She took a big step, pushing away the bushes in front of her and walked in the direction of the light. Not noticing her heartbeat raced, her brisk pace turned into a run because of her fear. She felt something behind her, and a tense feeling came over her.

Her back slowly turned cold and a layer of cold sweat broke out on her forehead and back. She didn’t dare to look behind her and prayed that everything behind her would disappear when she was inside the light.


With a creepy sound that made her throat tighten behind her, she pushed away the bushes in front of her and finally reached the light source. The moment she stepped into the light circle, the cold feeling behind her disappeared. Her legs softened and she fell to the ground gasping for breath.

She swallowed, trying to wet her throat while slowly raising her eyes to see anything that tried to catch her. As soon as she looked up, she saw a figure in black, with tattered clothes and no face. Only a hollow eye socket is visible on a flat face.

She sat there and moved backway, staring at the floating black figure. She dared not make any sound. The black figure slammed heavily in the air, as if there was some barrier preventing it from entering.

After trying unsuccessfully to break the barrier for a while, the black figure made a sharp sound full of anger then floated high and disappeared there. She could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

‘What the hell is happening? What is that thing?

After a brief encounter with the shadow, her thoughts fell into chaos. Not knowing that she had just brushed past a dangerous devil, she stood up with great effort and looked at her surroundings.

The place looks like a platform used for some kind of ritual. In the center of the place, there is a circular platform covered with white stone and covered with grass and moss. It looked desolate and abandoned.

She walked to the stone platform and found that the ground was full of colorful sparkling stones scattered everywhere. She picked up a stone and looked at it carefully. The glittering stone is filled with mist that exudes color.

It turned out that the color came from the mist inside the stone. Holding the stone in the palm of her hand, a warm current flows into her palm.

‘What is this stone?’

She picked up all the stones scattered around the place and put them in her space. Whatever the stones were, she thought they were all good things. Because when she held the stone, she felt her fatigue lessen and she felt a warm current circle around her body, eventually ending up above her pubic.

It took half an hour to pick up those stones before she finally came to the stone platform in the center of the place. On the stone platform, there was a round stone table which was hollowed out like a bowl in the center.

Touching the stone table, she felt that the surface of the stone table was uneven. After cleaning the grass and moss on the surface, she finally saw the ancient writing engraved on it. Looking at the script, a thought appeared in her mind.

‘This is a ritual table?’

She opened her palm and took out a gourd full of lake water from the space. Pouring the water into the hollow, she looked at the sky.

Tonight is a full moon, but the moon is obscured by dark clouds. She could occasionally hear the rumbling of thunder. She filled the hollow with two gourds of water and waited until the moon emerged from the dark clouds.

When the dark clouds dissipated, the moonlight shone directly on the stone table and the water in the hollow glistened like a thousand stars. She could see with the naked eye that the moonlight had a soft blue light, and the water on the table slowly turned blue.

After an unknown amount of time, she saw that the water on the stone table slowly decreased and the color became darker. When the moon set and dawn came, she came to her senses.

Looking at the hollow, a piece of bluestone surrounded by star-like bright particles was lying there. Picking up the blue stone, she saw a galaxy-like light inside the stone. The stone was the size of her fist.

‘This stone looks like a small galaxy. Is it the same as the galaxy that I know or is it just a magic item?’

She looked at the blue stone for a while before putting it in her space. Dark forests look less creepy when the sun comes up.

‘Indeed, going to the forest at night was a bad decision.’

She left that place and continued to walk north. Even though she hadn’t slept all night, she didn’t notice that her body wasn’t tired at all.


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