Feng Yu Qing (凤玉情) – 01

Chapter 1

The weather was overcast, with dark clouds and lightning. In a room with lots of books around a desk, on a bookshelf high on the floor, a woman is lounging on a single bed, looking at her phone.

Her body looks slender with golden ration. Waist-length hair is also draped behind her back, looking shiny and soft. But judging from the wet look of her hair, this woman just took a shower and was too lazy to dry her hair.

Her brilliant eyes were fixed on the phone screen, and the light from the phone illuminated her face. Her face is one of the most popular shapes, the shape of melon seeds. Her nose looks tall and straight. It fits perfectly on her small and delicate face. Her eyebrows were as black and thin as willow leaves, with a pair of eyes as clear as spring water. She also has sexy red lips, which makes people feel indecent.

Under the cotton pajamas, her fair skin was like jade. Soft and flawless. Her slender fingers, with neat nails, scrolling constantly on the phone screen. We can guess she reads quickly.

This woman’s name is Feng Zhijiu. The room looked neat and clean with nothing to suggest it was a room and not a library. That room has only a few basic pieces of furniture, such as a bed, a low table, a gong fu tea set, a wardrobe, a computer, a laptop, and the rest are used for books. At a glance, you can see that the owner’s hobby is reading.

Feng Zhijiu was so absorbed in reading her novel that she didn’t expect a bolt of lightning to strike her room faster than light. In that thunderbolt, there were colorful rays of light, and golden particles were running at high speed.

The sound of the lightning strike was so loud and the force of the impact was so strong that the entire area of ​​hundreds of kilometers around felt tremors. But she wouldn’t know about it. She was dead, leaving only a large hole where her room was.

In the silent night, the sound of the wind rustling leaves can be heard clearly. Heavy rain fell from the sky, as if God wanted to wash the dirty world clean. The dark forest is full of spirit beasts, exuding a strange aura, and no cultivator or demonic cultivator dares to cross the center of the dark forest.

In the very center of the dark forest, there is a small body lying motionlessly. The surroundings were filled with smoke and covered in black ash. It looked like a very powerful lightning strike had just hit the place. Covered in black ash and wet by the heavy rain, her body moved.

Turns out it wasn’t even a corpse. That ‘corpse’ turned out to be Feng Zhijiu who had just been hit by the purple thunderbolt. Her fingers moved, and her cold body felt like she had been hit by a truck.


Feng Zhijiu opened her eyes, only to feel the rain falling on her face and body. She shivered trying to move her body. Her bones and muscles felt like they would be cut to pieces with just the slightest movement. She gritted her teeth, moved her body, and tried to sit up. Just this small action has exhausted all her strength.

‘So painful… What happened?

She looked around and saw that where she was now was a very dark and dense forest. The surrounding trees are tall, and the foliage blocks any light shining on the forest. She looked at the trees and guessed that the trees were at least thousands of years old.

She looked at the black area around her then looked at her own body. Her body was covered with scars and blood everywhere. Fortunately, the heavy rain washed away some of the blood, and she could see her wounds clearly. Those wounds, although they look serious, are not deep wounds. The problem is her muscle pains and bones. It hurts more than the bleeding wound on her body. Her pajamas are also not good-looking. It’s run down and very dirty. Full of blood and dirt.

She checked her body and after lying down in the forest, nothing seemed to happen. God knows how long it took, she stood up against the support of the big tree. Her eyes looked around carefully, and when she saw a trail, she walked in that direction.

‘Let’s find a place to shelter from the rain first. Then I can slowly find what happened to me later.’

Feng Zhijiu walked away while her footprints and blood were washed away by the still pouring rain. Not long after leaving here, several figures came to the place where she stayed before. The shadows landed silently as they examined the surrounding area. When the leader of those shadows felt that his master was there, he and the other shadow guards hurriedly knelt down.

“My Lord, there is no sign that the mistress is here, only the sign of the thunder strike. The subordinates are useless, ask My Lord for punishment!”

The man didn’t answer, only looking at the pitch-black ground full of black ashes. The sharp long eyebrows frowned slightly, and caught a glimpse of the turbulent fluctuations in his mind.

The man lowered his eyes and looked carefully at the ashes next to his shoes. He bent down, stretched out his slender fingers, picked up a little bit of black ash and checked it with three fingers. The black ash he was holding was dyed a little red, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Without looking back at his men, he said, “Find her as soon as possible. this Lord wants to see her before sunrise tomorrow, or bring your head back to report.”

When his icy voice fell, those men replied, “We accept the order!” They disappeared into the darkness of the dark forest.

He stood up and clenched his hands. The red thunder seal between his eyebrows shone brightly, and his perfectly rosy lips were thin. The look in his eyes showed that he wasn’t actually as calm as he portrayed in front of the shadow guards.

“Where are you now?” He looked up at the gloomy, dark sky. Raindrops fell on his handsome face, as he slowly closed his eyes and stood there motionless. Deep into his own mind. He clenched his hand tightly beside him with blood trickling down, staining the ground red.

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