Feng Yu Qing (凤玉情) – 00


In a space without time and matter, there is a woman floating with her eyes closed. Her slender figure looked transparent and gave off a faint glow. Suddenly, the light wrapped around her became brighter and brighter. Time and space began to move with the dazzling light.

Her body became more transparent and began to dissolve into particles. The particles are then scattered around and stars and space are created. Just when her body was about to disappear, the space in the distance suddenly distorted, and a handsome man appeared.

The indifferent face and cold aura could not hide the urgency and panic in his eyes. When he saw space and time moving, he became desperate and looked around frantically. Looking around, his eyes stopped when he saw that the woman’s body had almost disappeared. He teleported to the woman’s location within seconds and approached her very fast.

Unfortunately, fate played with him. When his outstretched hand almost touched the woman’s body, she had disappeared into nothingness. The man was stunted and could not move at all. All he did was close his empty palms and look around at the space created by sacrificing the woman.

Before he had time to do anything, suddenly, a light appeared in his body. The light shot out and disappeared before he could take it back. Time flew by, and didn’t know how long he stayed, his eyes changed from despair to firm eyes.

“No matter what sacrifice I need, I will find you and bring you back. Wait for me.”

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