Feng Yu Qing (凤玉情) – 02

Chapter 2

The heavy rain gradually subsided, and the night wind brushed Feng Zhijiu’s face and cold body. She couldn’t stop shaking and her wound started to hurt badly. Although she used to feel the pain in her own body and the normal pain of others was nothing to her, the pain this time was too much for her sick body.

Her pale lips turned blue, and her breath became rough and heavy. She had walked for a long time, and her body had reached its limit. Her long wet hair was pressed to her face, she brushed it behind her ears and looked around hoping to find a place to spend the night.

The area around her is still surrounded by tall ancient forests. There are some green plants and bushes scattered around and some fruit can be seen in these bushes. On the ground, many flowers and plants that she had never seen before were growing densely, adding a bit of color to the dark and gloomy forest. Some even emit a faint glow, helping her see her surroundings more clearly.

After looking for a while, she saw a small cave covered with dense vines and tall weeds. She gritted her teeth and dragged her body towards the cave. She pushed away the tall weeds around her and walked slowly.

When she got to the front of the cave, she moved the vines and bushes aside and found a small hole big enough for her to get through. The inside of that cave is very dark. She can’t see anything but she can smell the clean, fresh air inside.

While touching the wall of the cave, she walked towards the inside of the cave. Her feet stepped on the cold stone, and the cold feeling slightly relieved her painful feet.

‘It’s too dark here. This cold feeling is not bad. I think there is a source of water there. I need to find water first.’

She walked for a long time and when her hand touched the end of the wall, her eyes fell into a small pond. Her eyes lit up as she quickened her pace and walked towards the small pond. She hurriedly bent down by the small pond and dipped her fingers in the water to test the temperature. The water was cold, but she couldn’t feel it because her body was colder than the water in the pond.

She stretched her fingers out of the water and looked around the small opening. The ceiling is not too high, about two or three meters and water drips into the pool drop by drop. The sound of water droplets was so clear in the silent cave.

Plink… plink… plink….

In that small opening, she didn’t see anything else and there was nothing else she could do. This was the end of the little cave she had just found. Not feeling anything around, she looked at the surface of the small shallow pond and scooped up the cold water with her hands.

She bent down to drink water. It’s cold but refreshing. Her throat, which felt like it was burning, felt better now and the water moistened her chapped lips. She breathed a sigh of relief and sat down on the spot. She rolled up her sleeves and saw that her blood had dried up. It looked horrible and the wound was dirty.

‘I need to clean the wound before it gets infected’

She gritted her teeth, getting ready. She scooped up the pool water and washed the dried blood on her body with her palm. There were countless wounds all over her body, so she had to take off her tattered pajamas and wash the wounds thoroughly.

It took her several hours to complete and after she cleaned the wound, her pajamas were half dry. She put it back on, sat down on the wall of the small opening and lost consciousness. Her body and mind had reached the limit and she could no longer stay awake.

Outside the small cave where Feng Zhijiu was still in a coma, the shadow guards looked around and reported to their leader who was standing not far from the tree that supported Feng Zhijiu before she entered the cave.

The shadow guard clasped his fists and said, “Leader, there is no trace of the mistress and there is no trace here.” After speaking, he fell silent.

The Shadow Guard leader frowned slightly, his face showing distress. With a stiff face, he directed another shadow guard. “Continue to look for the mistress. The mistress should still be nearby. My Lord found bloodstains in the lightning strike area. The mistress is injured and can’t go very far.”

“Yes!” After receiving the leader’s order, they dispersed and began a new round of careful search for the mistress.

‘I hope the mistress is safe and sound, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.’

He shudders and goes searching for his mistress before his master goes berserk and destroys another world.

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