Immortal in The Apocalypse – 78

Chapter 78

Standing outside the operating room while hearing Wei Ziming’s screams, the members of the Dawn Squad looked anxiously at the closed door. Ye Yu, who was leaning against the wall across the closed door, looked at them and said calmly, “Calm down. Trust her.”

Long Xiyin glanced at his calm face and said, “Sit down.”

Hearing his calm voice, the other members also calmed down, and waited quietly. In the closed operating room, Long Shengyu kept staring at Zhu Lin. Seeing her calm face, he didn’t move and silently guarded her.

While the people waiting outside and the man guarding inside were busy with their own thoughts, Zhu Lin was quietly observing Wei Ziming’s wound. The violent purple lightning elements and divine energy from the Thunder Tree’s leaf are restraining the devil energy on the wound. The process is long and painful.


Putting her hand on Wei Ziming’s heart, she turned her divine energy into a thin thread and transmitted it to Wei Ziming. She used gentler divine energy to protect his heart and spirit core from the violent divine energy and devil energy. Although the target of the divine energy was the devil energy in his body, since the source of the divine energy came from Thunder Tree, she was not sure whether Wei Ziming’s body could bear it or not.


Watching his body writhing in pain from the collision of two opposing energies, she channeled more divine energy to ease his pain. The screaming lasted for nearly an hour before fading away. Seeing that the devil energy had weakened a lot, Zhu Lin pulled it out directly through his wound. This time, it came out from his body smoothly.

At the moment when the devil energy was pulled away by her, Wei Ziming’s wound began to heal slowly. As an ability user, his body is stronger than ordinary people, and he recovers faster. Although he still needs the help of a doctor or someone with a healing ability to recover, he won’t turn into a zombie anymore. Looking at the black ball in her hand, she took a closer look.

The shape of this cloud of devil energy is vastly different from the devil energy in the Six Realms. In the Six Realms, devil energy does not have form. But in this world, it’s a sphere with tiny tentacles sticking out of it.

Looking at the squirming devil energy, she felt disgusted. She took out a glass bottle filled with divine spring water, put the devil energy into it, and then closed the lid. Putting the glass bottle on the table next to the operating table, she turned to look at the unconscious Wei Ziming.

While she was still observing the wound, Long Shengyu suddenly asked, “Is this the virus?”

Looking sideways, she saw him looking at the glass bottle with interest. She raised her eyebrows and asked, “Can you see the devil energy?”

He turned to look at her and asked, “Devil energy? Isn’t this a doomsday virus?”

Tilting her head, she looked at him in confusion. The two looked at each other for a while, and she asked again: “Do you know about this thing?”

Glancing at the glass bottle, his face was solemn for a split second, and then returned to normal. Zhu Lin looked at the expression on his face and said, “You knew.”

Nodding his head, he said calmly, “Yes.”

Sensing the hidden hatred in his voice, she observed his expression for a while, and decided to not ask anything. She would wait until he told her himself. Turning her attention back to Wei Ziming, she said, “The devil energy in his body was gone. I’ll call the others.”

“I’ll go. You get some rest.”

Before she had time to tell him that she was fine, Long Shengyu had already gone to open the door to call for others. Seeing them rushing in anxiously, she smiled slightly and said, “He’s out of danger.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Ye Yu and the members of the Dawn Squad were shocked. What did she mean when she said he was out of danger? Can she really save someone who was already in the process of zombification?

Seeing them standing there in disbelief, she moved aside and said, “Look for yourselves.”

When they came back to their senses, everyone in the Dawn Squad looked at Wei Ziming, while Ye Yu stood beside Long Shengyu.

“This… His wound has really returned to normal!” The next second, Chen Xiaoxian’s surprised voice came.

“There is no trace of zombification on his body anymore.” Long Xiyin added.

Ning Qingqing bent down, took a closer look at Wei Ziming’s wound, and said, “The flesh is red and looks normal. The color of the blood is also bright. There is no sign of decay or pus around the wound. It looks really normal.”

Listening to her professional evaluation, the other members were relieved. Turning around, they looked at Zhu Lin and said, “Thank you for saving him.”

She smiled slightly at them, nodded and said, “He is also my friend. This is what I should do. “

Seeing that they were discussing what to do with the unconscious Wei Ziming, Zhu Lin took out a long bamboo tube and handed it to Ning Qingqing. Looking at the bamboo tube, Ning Qingqing was confused and asked, “What is this?”

Recalling that only the Silverline Squad knew about her bamboo tube, she said, “Ah… Feed him a few mouthfuls every hour. It can help remove the remaining… effects from his body.”

Hearing a slight pause when she spoke, Long Shengyu glanced at her. Ning Qingqing didn’t hear anything strange in her words, so she held the bamboo tube and said, “Leave it to me. I will make sure to feed him every hour, and there will be no mistakes.”

Hearing her affirmation, Zhu Lin nodded, looked at Chen Xiaoxian and said: “Although he will no longer turn into a zombie, his wound still needs to be treated. You’d better take him to the hospital. “

Ye Yu, who had been silent after entering the room, suddenly spoke. “I will arrange it.” 

“Then I’ll thank Captain Ye on behalf of Ziming.” Chen Xiaoxian said gratefully.

“You’re welcome.”

Seeing that everything was settled, Zhu Lin went to pick up the glass bottle and walked to Ye Yu’s side. Lifting the glass bottle, she asked, “Ye Yu, what did you see in this bottle?”

Turning his head to look into the glass bottle, he saw faint black mist and water. Not knowing why she asked, he answered her truthfully. “Water and a faint black mist.”

After thinking about his answer for a while, she looked at Long Xiyin who was already standing beside Long Shengyu and asked, “Deputy Captain Long, what did you see in this bottle?”

“Just call me elder brother.”

After speaking, he looked at the glass bottle and saw that the water inside was very clear. There is no such thing as black mist in the bottle as Ye Yu said. He looked away from the bottle, looked at her and said, “Water.”

“I see.”

Seeing that the devil energy in the glass bottle was still fighting with the divine energy from the divine spring water, she was deep in thought. While she was still thinking, Long Shengyu took the bottle from her hand and said, “Let’s go back. You haven’t had breakfast yet.”


He took her hand and pulled her out of there. Before walking out the room, she looked back and said, “Ye Yu, remember to let me know about his conditions later.”


Seeing the two leave the room, Ye Yu and Long Xiyin exchanged glances. After a long silence, Ye Yu said, “Please keep this matter a secret until we are sure about how she did it.”


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