Immortal in The Apocalypse – 79

Chapter 79

Back at their house in the bamboo forest, Long Shengyu put down the glass bottle on the living room table and went to prepare breakfast. There are only the two of them living here, and cooking has become his task.

“Wait a moment.”


Seeing him go to the kitchen, Zhu Lin sat down on a chair and stared at the glass bottle on top of the table. The devil energy in the bottle is less than half of its original amount right now. Watching the devil energy slowly diminish, she plucked a leaf from the Thunder Tree.

Putting the leaf of the Thunder Tree next to the glass bottle, she saw that the devil energy moved to the opposite direction from the leaf of the Thunder Tree. Seeing its strange behavior, she moved the leaf to the other side of the glass bottle following the devil energy. The moment she stuck the leaf on the glass bottle, the devil energy rushed to the other side again.

She tapped the tabletop with her finger lightly, observed the devil energy for a while, and then opened the lid and put the Thunder Tree’s leaf into the glass bottle. Closing the lid, she observed the devil energy again. This time, she saw that the devil energy diminished faster.

“What are you doing?” Long Shengyu asked her while putting the plates of food on the table.

She didn’t take her eyes off the devil energy in the glass bottle, and answered him. “Finding a way to prevent the devil energy from invading the human body.”

After seeing the devil energy that was about to be extinguished, he returned to the kitchen and brought out a pot of porridge, chopsticks and bowls. After setting the table, he said, “Let’s eat first.”

She looked at the dishes on the table and praised him sincerely. “It smells delicious. Your cooking skills are better than Huo Ming’s.”

He smiled and served her a bowl of porridge, and said, “Thank you.”

While they were eating breakfast peacefully and chatting about trivial matters, the Night Base was in uproar. Although Ye Yu and Long Xiyin had blocked all news about Wei Ziming’s recovery, many people still saw what happened at the north gate this morning. It is impossible to find all the people who saw Wei Ziming’s accident.

Standing in the middle of the conference room, Ye Yu calmly looked at his father, elder brother and Mu Zhexi, who was sitting in front of him. After a long silence, Ye Guang finally spoke.

“What happened at the north gate this morning?”

Knowing what his father wanted to know, Ye Yu kept silent. He won’t lie to his father, but he can refuse to answer. Seeing his youngest son’s silence, Ye Guang glanced at Ye Yin. After receiving his father’s signal, Ye Yin coughed and said, “Xiaoyu, you can’t even tell us?”

When Ye Yin called him by his nickname, Ye Yu raised his eyebrows, but still didn’t speak. The spacious conference room fell into silence again. A few minutes later, it was Mu Zhixi who spoke.

“Senior Commander Ye, you need to know where your priority is.”

Hearing Mu Zhexi refer to himself by rank, Ye Yu knew that Mu Zhexi wanted to use the Night Base to put pressure on himself. It’s a pity that Ye Yu regards Zhu Lin’s safety as more important than the interests of the base, or the survival of mankind.

Looking at Mu Zhexi calmly, he said, “Don’t worry. I will report everything later, but not now.”

Knowing his stubbornness, Ye Guang nodded and said, “All right. We will wait for your report. You can go.”

He nodded to the three of them, turned around and left. Seeing the closed door, Ye Yin said, “This must have something to do with Zhu Lin.”

The other two who were sitting on his left and right sides, looked at the closed door, and nodded. A few seconds later, the three of them sighed deeply. It is really difficult to get any information from Ye Yu, if the information has even the slightest connection with Zhu Lin.

Leaving the command center building, Ye Yu went to the hospital where Wei Ziming was. Along the way, he heard the rumors about the doomsday virus vaccine, and the story about Wei Ziming’s zombification and his transformation back into a human. Many people originally wanted to ask him, but they were discouraged when they saw his cold face.

“Brother Yu.”

Hearing a familiar voice, he turned around and saw his fiancée walking over with her teammates. Seeing her, the cold expression on his handsome face instantly melted away. With a gentle smile on his face, he approached her.

“Going out to do a mission?” He asked while helping her straighten her hair.

Seeing him being so intimate in public, Yin Heliu blushed, coughed lightly, and said, “We’re going to see Wei Ziming.”

Raising his eyebrows, he looked at Yuan Yan and Luo Feiguang. “Do you know each other?”

Yuan Yan scratched his head and said, “Uh… let’s say we know each other by accident. It’s just that Wei Ziming likes Feiguang’s weapons and often visits us. So, we became friends like this.”

After hearing his explanation, Ye Yu was not surprised. He looked at Yin Heliu and said, “I’m going to see him too. Let’s go together.”


Ye Yu didn’t wait for the other two, as he took her hand and walked towards the hospital building. Looking at the couple in front of them walking hand in hand, Yuan Yan and Luo Feiguang suddenly felt that they were too full to even eat breakfast.

Arriving in front of the ward where Wei Ziming stayed, Ye Yu knocked on the door. A few seconds later, he heard footsteps approaching and the door was opened. Seeing Ning Qingqing, he nodded at her and walked in with the other three.

Wei Ziming raised his eyes from the scar on his right arm to see who was coming. Seeing the three members of the Crimson Moon Squad and Ye Yu coming to visit him, he was happy. He motioned them to take a seat and said with a smile: “Thank you for coming.”

Ye Yu asked Yin Heliu to take a seat first, and then sat beside her on the couch. Seeing his rare tenderness, Wei Ziming asked curiously: “Captain Ye, your relationship with Miss Yin seems to be special.”

“Mhm. She is my fiancée.” Ye Yu responded casually.


Hearing Ye Yu’s answer, Wei Ziming was shocked. After watching the two of them back and forth for a while, he suddenly felt that his intelligence gathering ability needed to be improved. While he was still thinking about how to improve his skills, Ning Qingqing opened the bamboo tube Zhu Lin gave her, and poured the divine spring water into a glass.

Passing the glass to Wei Ziming, he said, “Don’t worry about other people’s private affairs. Drink this first.”


Taking the glass, he smacked his lips and said, “I don’t know where Zhu Lin got this water. It smells delicious and tastes good too.”

Ye Yu, who had been drinking the divine spring water since long ago, watched Wei Ziming carefully hold that glass of water. Before he had time to tell him to drink the water casually without the need to show respect to the water, his fiancée suddenly stood up. Seeing her surprised face, Ye Yu wanted to ask what happened, but Yin Heliu was faster than him.

She walked up to Wei Ziming in a few steps, and took the glass from his hand. She sniffed the water and showed a shocked expression. In the next second, she drank the water without saying a word.

Everyone was taken aback by her rude behavior. After came out from his shock, Yuan Yan stood up from the couch, and quickly took the empty glass from her hand. Apologetically looking at the stunned Wei Ziming and Ning Qingqing, he turned to Yin Heliu.

Seeing the shocked expression on her face, he asked, “What are you doing?”

Yin Heliu did not answer Yuan Yan’s question, but looked at Wei Ziming and Ning Qingqing. Her lips trembled while she asked: “You just said that the water was given by Zhu Lin?”

“Y… yes.” Ning Qingqing answered her in a daze.

With her confirmation, Yin Heliu’s body softened, and she fell to the ground with a pale face. Ye Yu reacted immediately and caught her before she was injured. But seeing her pale face, he was very surprised and called her repeatedly.

“Liu’er! Liu’er!”

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