Immortal in The Apocalypse – 74

Chapter 74

A few days passed in a blink of an eye, and Ye Yin, who had been in a coma for more than five days, woke up. When he woke up, he saw the dark faces of his father and his younger brother. He scratched his head while grimacing and said, “Well… good morning everyone.”

Looking at his eldest son, Ye Guang sighed helplessly. Seeing that her husband still wanted to scold her son, Mother Ye quickly patted his arm.

“Xiao Yin just woke up. Let him rest well, don’t glare at him like that.”

Knowing that his mother was helping him in front of his father, Ye Yin quickly put on a serious expression and nodded. Glancing at his eldest son and his wife, Ye Guang pinched the bridge of his nose and waved his hand helplessly.

“Okay, okay. You’d better lie on the bed obediently and recuperate for me. If I find you running around, see how I will deal with you!”

“Yes, sir!” Ye Yin quickly agreed with his father.

Seeing his obedient appearance, Ye Guang gave him another warning look and left the room. Seeing her husband leaving with a smile, Mother Ye pats Ye Yin’s hand gently.

“Rest more and listen to your father. This time, you really worried us.”

Feeling guilty, he nodded. “I know, mother.”

After getting her son’s answer, Mother Ye was very satisfied. She stood up from the bedside, and left the room after patting Ye Yu’s arm gently. Ye Yu stood on the side, quietly looking at his elder brother. After a long silence, Ye Yin couldn’t bear his gaze any longer, and opened his lips.

“Stop staring at me. You’re going to drill a hole in my handsome face if you keep staring at me like that.”

Ye Yu gave his elder brother a snort, pulled the chair and sat down. He crossed his legs and folded his arms, looking at Ye Yin calmly.

“What? Speak if you have something to say.” Ye Yin said, leaning on the soft pillow.

After a while, Ye Yu finally spoke. “Brother, do you know that Dr. Su left our base with Professor Mu’s research results?”

“I heard about it.”

Ye Yu raised his eyebrows and stared at his elder brother. He had only woken up for less than an hour, and he already knew the news? Ye Yu clicked his tongue and gave Ye Yin a disapproving gaze.

“If our father knew, he would scold you again.”

Ye Yin shrugged, lazily yawned and said, “Then I’ll let him scold me.”

Looking at Ye Yin’s tired face, Ye Yu stood up and walked out of his bedroom.

“Hey, where are you going?”

Turning around, Ye Yu said lightly: “You go back to sleep. I still have things to do.”

Before Ye Yin could stop him, Ye Yu closed the door and left. There was nothing to do, so Ye Yin lay back on the bed. After the battle, his body suffered many internal injuries, and he could feel that his energy had not fully recovered. Sighing deeply, he closed his eyes and fell asleep not long after.


Leaving Ye Yin’s room, Ye Yu went to the barracks to find his teammates. On the way, he saw Yuan Yan talking to someone on the side of the road. Knowing that Zhu Lin had put a lot of effort into recruiting him, he stopped and observed them from a distance.

After observing for a while, he saw Yuan Yan led his companions away, and saw the face of the woman who was talking to him. The moment he saw her face clearly, his body froze. Unable to take his eyes off her face, Ye Yu rushed over. Seconds later, he walked up to them and grabbed the woman’s arm.

“Captain Ye?” Yuan Yan called him confusedly.

Yuan Yan was taken aback when Ye Yu suddenly grabbed his teammate’s arm. The woman who was grabbed by Ye Yu stared back at Ye Yu with wide eyes.

“Who are you?” she asked warily.

Hearing her familiar voice and looking at the face that always stays on his mind, Ye Yu’s hand that was still holding her arm trembling slightly. Staring at her, his eye sockets were a little red, and when he spoke, his voice was a little choked up.


Yin Heliu blinked and was a little surprised to be called like this by him. She hesitated for a while before asking cautiously. “You know me?”

Ye Yu stared at her hesitant and alienated expression with a shock expression on his face. As he held her arm even tighter, he asked: “You… Did you remember your name?”

Sensing the urgency in his tone, she took a step back, but was pulled back by Ye Yu. Unable to get rid of the man in front of her, she looked up at him and said, “Yes. My name is Yin Heliu. Who are you?”

Hearing her name, there was a look of joy and disbelief on his face. After a long silence, he finally spoke with a trembling voice. “I’m your Brother Yu. You… really don’t remember me?”

Yin Heliu looked at the handsome man in front of her for a while, and saw a look of despair and pleading on his face. Not remembering who he was, she looked away and lowered her head.

Calling her system, she said: [Hey, system. What the hell is going on here? Who is this guy? Did you give me the wrong script? Isn’t my script to support the male lead to dominate the world?]

[The system never gives wrong scripts.] The system answered her proudly.

Hearing the system’s smug tone, she gritted her teeth and asked: [Then who is he?]

After a while, the system robotic voice came. [He is your fiancé, Ye Yu.]

Startled by the system’s answer, she cursed at the system. [Your mother! Why didn’t you tell me from the start?! Didn’t you say that Yin Heliu already died?]

Sensing her accusation from her tone, the system answered her calmly. [Yes, you are dead. But it’s understandable that he could recognize you since he is your fiancé.]

She focused on the wrong words and said angrily, [You are dead! I am alive and well, and you cursed me to death?! What kind of system are you?]

The system sighed at its host’s lack of IQ and hot temper. [Host, please don’t focus on wrong words. Now, your first task is to solve this problem. You can’t let him know about your origins until the time is right. Good luck, host.]


Before she finished speaking, the system disappeared. Looking up, Yin Heliu saw Ye Yu’s hot gazes locked on her, and suddenly felt a little suffocated.

‘What kind of mess is this? How can the system use a dead person as my identity? How do I explain this to this person now?’

She looked at him for a moment, then looked away again.

‘Why is he not frightened when he sees someone who is supposed to be dead standing before him? It seems that there is something wrong with his head.’

Ye Yu saw that she avoided his gaze and tried to look into her eyes. “Liu’er, why don’t you take a look at me? Are you still blaming me? You can hit me or hate me, but please… look at me.”

While Ye Yu was staring at her lowered head, Yin Heliu’s mind was searching for excuses rapidly. Yuan Yan, who was standing on the side, rubbed his chin and asked her curiously: “Heliu, what’s your relationship with Captain Ye?”

Hearing him casually calling his fiancée’s name, Ye Yu raised his eyes and looked at Yuan Yan. Upon receiving his cold stare, Yuan Yan shuddered all over, and quickly said, “Uh… I still have something to do. You guys continue.”

He glanced at his teammate curiously for one more time, and ran away quickly. Captain Ye’s eyes were too terrifying! His fragile heart couldn’t bear it, ah.

Seeing her captain abandoning her, she gritted her teeth and looked up at Ye Yu. “Uh… I’m sorry. I lost my memory. Can you tell me who you are?”

Seeing Ye Yu’s shocked expression, she secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

‘It seems this amnesia excuse always works in any scenario. Luckily I’m smart.’

Not knowing what she was thinking at this moment, Ye Yu raised his hand and gently touched her face. He looked at her affectionately, and said softly, “My name is Ye Yu. I am your fiancé.”

Getting the same answer from him, she couldn’t help but resign herself to her fate. Looking at his handsome face, she nodded.


‘It seems that I will have a handsome fiancé from now on.’

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