Immortal in The Apocalypse – 75

Chapter 75

Two days after Ye Yu met Yin Heliu, almost everyone heard the rumor that the expressionless and cold-faced Captain Ye suddenly became attached to a woman. Although the rumors had spread widely, no one believed it. But the Silverline Squad and Crimson Moon Squad are not the same, since they saw Ye Yu’s behavior with their own eyes.

In the living room of the Crimson Moon Squad headquarters, ten people sat on the couches, making the spacious room look a bit crowded. Zhu Lin sat in the corner, frowning at the three members of the Crimson Moon Squad. The longer she stared at them, the deeper her frowns.

Under her intense gaze, the three of them felt a little uncomfortable. After an awkward silence for a long time, Ye Yu, who was sitting next to Yin Heliu, looked at Zhu Lin and said, “Xiao Lin, it seems that you are very interested in the Crimson Moon Squad.”

Without hiding her thoughts, she nodded. “Yes.”

Seeing her answer without hesitation, several members of Silverline Squad looked at each other in surprise. This is the first time they’ve seen her develop such an interest in something other than chocolate. After her answer, the room fell silent again.

Yin Heliu was very nervous and anxious. Ye Yu who was sitting beside her looked at her, and felt that her hand was sweaty.

‘Is she nervous? Because of Xiao Lin?’

Yin Heliu didn’t know that her anxiety and tension had been clearly seen by Ye Yu, as she was busy talking to her system, looking for a way out of the predicament.

[System, are you sure she didn’t know me?] She asked anxiously.

[Uh… I’m not sure anymore.]

For the first time, the mechanical sound of the system contained confusion and hesitation.

[Then why is she looking at me like that? I feel that she can see everything with those eyes.]

The system was silent for a moment, then said: [She also looked at your two teammates like that.]

Yin Heliu glanced at his two teammates, and found that under Zhu Lin’s gaze, they were quite calm. Just when she was still thinking of the best excuse to leave here, the robotic voice of the system came again.

[Host, tell me the truth. Did you offend her somehow?]

Hearing the accusations in the system voice, she became angry. [What do you mean? Do you think I could do something to her? Do you think I’m tired of living?]

The more she asked, the higher her tone became. The system did not answer her for a long time. Treated silently by the system, she shouted angrily.

[You must be crazy! Did you forget the time you told me how strong she was? I’m telling you for one last time. I’m not stupid enough to seek death!]

After hearing her angry rebuttals, the system secretly thought that its host was clumsy, but she was not an idiot who liked to look for death. Coming to a conclusion, the system said: [Then why is she looking at you like this?]

[I also want to know.] She sighed heavily in her heart.

A few seconds later, the system suddenly said: [Is she jealous?]

She was very interested in what the system said, and asked curiously: [What do you mean?]

[Aren’t there a lot of rumors about their relationship before? Then you suddenly appear and become Ye Yu’s fiancée. Won’t she be angry and jealous?]

[Oh! What you said really makes sense.] Yin Heliu suddenly realized what had happened.

[I know I’m a smart system. ] The system is proud.

While Yin Heliu and her system were thinking wildly, Zhu Lin suddenly asked, “Your name is Yin Heliu?”

Hearing her name being called, Yin Heliu nodded hastily like a chicken pecking at rice. In line with the attitude of a good student talking to the teacher, she answered her with a correct sitting posture.

“Yes. My name is Yin Heliu. Nice to meet you.” She answered Zhu Lin with a sweet smile on her face.

Zhu Lin stared at the top of her head for a few seconds and asked, “Then… Who is the other one?”

Hearing her question, Yin Heliu’s scalp became numb and a chill ran down her spine. She took her hand out of Ye Yu’s, clapped her hands together, and suppressed her fear with a smile. Looking at his empty hands, Ye Yu glanced at Zhu Lin’s interested expression when she looked at his fiancée, then at his fiancée’s nervous expression in silence.

Yin Heliu and the system were panicking at the moment, but she still displayed her stiff smile on her face to the others, while the corner of her lips kept twitching.

[What does she mean by asking this?! Can you tell me who the other person she’s talking about is? Is it you?!]

Hearing the panic in its host’s voice, the system tried to calm her down with a trembling voice.

[Ho.. Host, please calm down. She… She should be talking about your new teammate Luo Feiguang, right?]

Listening to the system’s reasoning, she finally came to her senses. Her heartbeat slowed down as she tried to hypnotize herself.

[Ye.. yes. That must be what she meant. ]

Although the conversation between her and the system took a long time, in fact, it only took a few seconds after Zhu Lin asked the question. After calming down, Yin Heliu smiled at Zhu Lin and asked, “You mean Feiguang?”

Zhu Lin’s eyes were still fixed on the top of Yin Heliu’s head, and she shook her head. “It’s not him.”

Pointing to the top of Yin Heliu’s head, she added: “That one. The one above you. Who is that?”

This time, not only Yin Heliu, but even the system was frightened. They feel like a bolt of lightning has struck at them out of nowhere, and turned them into a stone. Except for Yin Heliu who was stiff all over, the other eight people sitting there looked at the top of Yin Heliu’s head, saw nothing, and suddenly shuddered.

Confused, Quan Yun kept his eyes on top of Yin Heliu’s head, and asked Zhu Lin. “Sister Lin, there’s nothing there.”

Zhu Lin nodded and said, “I think I’m the only one who can see it. Right, Miss Yin?”

Zhu Lin tilted her head and looked at Yin Heliu, while goosebumps appeared all over Yin Heliu’s body. Seeing Yin Heliu smile at herself with a stiff face, Zhu Lin looked at the new member of the Crimson Moon Squad. Her eyes were deep when she looked at him.

She tapped the armrest of the couch lightly and asked, “Young Master Luo, do you like stars?”

“Of course.” Luo Feiguang answered her calmly, but clenched his hands tightly below the low table.

After hearing his answer, she nodded, looked at Yuan Yan, and smiled at him. “It’s good to see you recover.”

“Thanks to you.” Yuan Yan smiled politely.

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