Immortal in The Apocalypse – 73

Chapter 73

Three days later. Night Base, hospital director’s office.

Sitting on the chair while looking at the red moon in the night sky, Su Yintian took another sip of wine. Staring at the red moon, tears flowed from the corners of his eyes. It had been three days since he last slept. Every time he closed his eyes, the same scene kept replaying in his mind.

Watching his beloved daughter being tortured and killed in front of his eyes is worse than killing him. Since the zombie wave was successfully resolved, he never left his office. With his eyes lowered, he stared through the wide glass windows to the base below. These are the people who killed his daughter.

Feeling the hatred in his heart getting stronger and stronger, his hands clenched tightly. Even if the wine glass was broken and blood dripped all over the ground, he still looked at the base coldly. After a long time, he slowly opened his bleeding palm and stood up. Behind him, footsteps sounded in the silent office. Not long after, a man’s voice came.

“Uncle, have you thought about my offer?”

Su Yintian raised his head and looked at the red moon again. Without looking back at the person behind him, he already knew who he was. He raised his bleeding hand and clenched it tightly. He felt numb as he bled more and more, and the blood slowly dripped onto the floor.

After a long silence, his hoarse voice echoed in the silent office. “I accept your offer.”

“Perfect. Let’s go now while they are still busy.”

Turning around, Su Yintian looked at his nephew and said, “Liangzhong, we must avenge your cousin.”

Su Liangzhong nodded at him, and said with a sneer. “Of course. We can’t let them kill my cousin without paying any price.”

Looking at his uncle’s dull eyes, he waited patiently. After waiting for a long time, Su Yintian finally walked to his safe and opened it. Taking out a stack of files and a metal box, he stood up.

“Let’s go.”

Looking at the documents and the metal box in his uncle’s hand, Su Liangzhong smiled. Walking to the window, he opened the window and held out his hand to his uncle. He smiled and said, “Come on, uncle. It’s time for revenge.”

Su Yintian stared at his outstretched hand, approached him, and put his hand on his nephew’s hand. Holding his uncle’s hand, Su Liangzhong jumped out of the window and left the night base with Su Yintian. That night, the news of Dr. Su’s disappearance spread extremely fast. Since then, no one has seen him again, not until the distant future.


Early the next morning, when Ye Guang received the report of Su Yintian’s disappearance, he just sighed. When he saw the report of the zombie wave and the death of the zombie queen, he knew that this day would come sooner or later. Seeing that it took Su Yintian three days to make this decision, he knew that it was not easy for him to decide.

As a father, he can understand how his best friend feels. But as a leader, he cannot agree with his decision. Putting down the report, he looked at his men sitting around the round table and said, “Strengthen base security and patrols. Speed ​​up the reconstruction of the city wall, and use more civilians to build a higher and stronger wall.”

“Yes, sir.” Ao Siyu answered him calmly.

Seeing that Ao Siyu was busy writing down his orders, he looked at Ye Yu and asked, “How is Ye Yin’s condition?”

Shaking his head, Ye Yu replied with gloomy eyes. “Still unconscious.”

After he said that, the meeting room fell silent. Ye Yin is their supreme commander and their most experienced soldier. Losing him now is a huge blow to their combat power.

Ye Yu looked at their faces, opened his lips and said, “Fortunately, Zhu Lin is taking care of him, and he will wake up in a few days.”

After the battle three days ago, everyone who didn’t know who Zhu Lin was, had already heard about her. Knowing that she was taking care of Ye Yin, they were relieved. Yu Guang nodded, opened another report, and said, “Since Ye Yin is still unconscious, Ye Yu will temporarily take over his position.”

“Yes, sir.” Ye Yu nodded and accepted the order.

Ye Guang looked at Mu Zhexi and nodded. Receiving his signal, Mu Zhexi stood up and walked towards the whiteboard. He unfolded a piece of paper, pinned it to the whiteboard, and turned to face the others. He held a file in his hand and looked at the other calmly.

“I have bad news for all of you. Last night, when Dr. Su disappeared, all my research results were gone too. I’m sure that Dr. Su stole it when he left the base.”

Hearing his words, everyone’s faces except Ye Yu turned ugly. Ye Yu raised his hand and asked, “What are you researching?”

Mu Zhexi looked at him and answered him. “Doomsday virus.”

Seeing that Ye Yu didn’t speak, he continued. “As we all know, I am researching a doomsday virus vaccine. But after several months of research, what I got is not a vaccine, but a stronger doomsday virus. If this research falls into the wrong hands, then…”

Knowing what he meant, Ye Yu’s expression also became ugly. The problem was bigger than he initially thought. As the meeting progressed, time passed without them realizing it. Five hours later, Ye Yu returned to his room with a tired face.

Sitting on the couch in the living room, he saw a note and an insulated box on the low table. Picking up the little note, he looked at the message and smiled. Open the insulation box, he sees the food prepared by Huo Ming.

Seeing the familiar bamboo tube, he took it out and opened the lid. After taking a few sips, he sighed and leaned back on the couch. With the water prepared by Zhu Lin, his conditions improved a lot, and he soon fell asleep on the couch. When Zhu Lin walked in with Long Shengyu, this was what she saw.

Looking at Ye Yu who was sleeping on the couch, she sighed. When she approached him, she saw that the food hadn’t been touched yet, and it was already cold. With the bamboo tube in his hand, she knew that what he drank was only her divine spring water. She sat beside him, closed the insulation box, and looked at Long Shengyu.

Long Shengyu sighed helplessly, took Ye Yu’s hand, and teleported to his room. Walking to Ye Yu’s bedroom, Zhu Lin saw that he had already been covered by the quilt, and smiled at Long Shengyu. Pouting his lips, Long Shengyu walked out from Ye Yu’s bedroom and Zhu Lin followed him as closed the door gently.

Not long after they left, Ye Yu opened his eyes. Looking at the ceiling in daze, he murmured softly, then closed his eyes and fell back into a deep sleep.

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