Immortal in The Apocalypse – 70

Chapter 70

Zhu Lin looked at the person who was rushing over, and saw Qiao Tangtang was in a mess, with a crazy expression on her face. While avoiding Qiao Tangtang’s sloppy attack, she raised her eyebrows and looked at Qiao Tangtang. Does Qiao Tangtang know that she is the one who sprinkle the Hell Gate powder on her?

After thinking for a few seconds, she felt that it was impossible for Qiao Tangtang to know that she did it. Standing aside, Long Shengyu was very upset watching a crazy woman chasing Zhu Lin. With a lift of his slender finger, he flicked lightly and sent Qiao Tangtang back to her tent.


Seeing Qiao Tangtang flying back to the tent like a kite with a broken string, Zhu Lin glanced at Long Shengyu and then at the tent. Qiao Tangtang lay motionless on the ground, groaning non stop with distorted faces. She observed Qiao Tangtang for a while, and confirmed that although Qiao Tangtang was unconscious, she was still having nightmares.

Looking away, she took Long Shengyu’s hand out of habit and walked towards the RV together. Before she could find Huo Ming, she saw soldiers hurriedly waking everyone up. Ye Yu can be seen from a distance, and she approached him with Long Shengyu when she saw him.

“Ye Yu, what’s going on?” She asked, and saw Ye Yu holding a map in his hand.

Ye Yu raised his head and nodded towards them. He pressed the communicator on his right ear and said, “Move out in two minutes.”

After giving the order, he looked at Zhu Lin and said, “We have to leave now. The Iron base has fallen, and the zombie tide is out of control. We just got bad news from my brother. Our base is in danger.”

After listening to his explanation, the faces of several people became serious. She looked around and saw that the preparations were almost done, so she said, “I’m going to meet Quan Yun.”

“All right.”

Seeing that he was busy, Zhu Lin went to find Quan Yun’s car. Led by Long Shengyu, they quickly found Quan Yun. When approaching the car, Quan Yun, who was already sitting in the car, called her.

“Sister Lin.”

Letting go of Long Shengyu’s hand, she jumped onto the roof of the car and sat down. “I’ll be sitting here.”


Without saying a word, Long Shengyu jumped onto the roof of the car and sat beside her. “Me too.”

Zhu Lin looked at him and nodded, while Quan Yun just shrugged. Two minutes later, everyone was ready and the convoy set off at high speed. Looking back, she saw that the convoy was very long, and it was difficult to defend in this formation.

After thinking about it, she looked into her inner palace and saw that Tu Tu was talking with Shuang and Huoyan, not knowing since when she went back inside. Looking at the twin divine beasts, she was pleasantly surprised.

[Shuang, Huoyan, when did you guys wake up?]

The three heard her voice and looked up at the sky at the same time. The Fire Qilin, Huoyan stood up and waved happily towards the sky. “Master! We just woke up a few minutes ago.”

The Ice Qilin, Shuang, also stood up, bowed to the sky and said, “I have met the master. Please forgive my late greeting.”

Seeing that they were all right, she was relieved.

[It is my weakness that harms you. I’m sorry and thank you.]

Huoyan could hear the self-blame in her voice, and hurriedly said, “Master, there is no need to say these words. This is what we should do.”

Tu Tu looked at her brothers and said, “Brothers, since you wake up, help me take care of the master’s palace. It’s too tiring to do everything by myself.”

Zhu Lin looked at her little white rabbit and said: [Thank you, Tu Tu, for your hard work.]

The little rabbit was very happy to be praised by her master and quickly said, “It’s not hard, master.”

Thinking of what she wanted to say, Zhu Lin glanced at the three of them and said: [Tu Tu, let your brothers rest first. Can you come out and help me?]

“Yes, master.”

The little rabbit looked at the twins and said, “Brothers, go to rest.”

After speaking, Tu Tu flashed out from the inner palace. Shuang looked at the sky and said, “Master, I am in good condition. I can help you too.”

Huoyan nodded quickly and said, “Me too! Me too!”

Looking at their eager faces, she asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, master!” They answered in unison.

“Then come out. But if you are tired, go back quickly.”


The two looked at each other, smiled slightly, and then flashed out of the inner palace. Long Shengyu, who was sitting beside her, was overjoyed when he saw Tu Tu coming out. A few seconds later, two handsome men also appeared on the car roof. Seeing the twin horns on their heads, he looked at Zhu Lin silently.

Landing lightly on the roof of the car, Huoyan and Shuang knelt in front of Zhu Lin, looking at her with affections. “Master, we miss you so much.”

Holding their hands, she smiled and said, “Me too.”

After chatting for a while, Tu Tu, who was laying on Long Shengyu’s lap, asked curiously. “Master, why did you ask me to come out? Is there anything I can do for you?”

Hearing the little rabbit’s question, she remembered what she was going to do. Looking at the rabbit lying comfortably on Long Shengyu’s lap, she said, “I want you to pay attention to the rear line, tell me if there is any danger.”

Before Tu Tu could answer, Huoyan raised his hand and said, “Master! Let me do it!”

Smiling at his enthusiasm, she nodded, pointing to the end of the long line. “You go to the end of the line and stand on guard. If you see any undead creature, chop off or burn its head, and then take the crystal from inside the undead creature’s head.”

Nodding, Huoyan stood up and bowed to her. “Huoyan understands.”

“Be careful.”

“Yes, master.”

Grinning at Shuang, he jumped lightly to the rear of the convoy. Seeing that his brother received a task as soon as he woke up, he looked at Zhu Lin silently. Zhu Lin knew what he wanted, pointed to the front line and said, “Go and guard the front line.”

Shuang stood up with a smile and bowed to her. “Shuang accepts the order.”

Sending a provocative smile to the rear of the convoy, Shuang turned around and lightly jumped onto Ye Yu’s car. A few seconds later, he landed lightly on the roof of Ye Yu’s car, but was still noticed by Ye Yu.

“Who are you?”

He lowered his head and saw a very handsome man looking up at him from the car window, so he nodded at the handsome man. Sitting down, he said, “Master told me to guard the front line.”

“Your master? Xiao Lin?”

Hearing Ye Yu affectionately called Zhu Lin as Xiao Lin, Shuang glanced at him. After thinking about it, he just nodded without doing anything. Knowing that this person was Zhu Lin’s friend, Ye Yu let him sit on the roof of the car.

From inside his car, Quan Yun saw two strange men leaping towards the back line and front line. He knocked on the roof of the car, and asked, “Sister Lin, are those two your friends?”

In the next second, Zhu Lin’s voice was heard. “They are my companions.”

“Oh, okay.”

After sending the twins to guard the front and rear lines, Zhu Lin stayed on the roof with Long Shengyu and Tu Tu. With the guardianship of the twin Qilins, their journey was smooth without problems, and they moved at high speed and only rested on the vehicle while moving. A week later, as soon as they arrived, Ye Yu saw their base was under attack and gave out orders.

“Prepare to fight!”

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