Immortal in The Apocalypse – 69

Chapter 69

After dinner, the Silverline Squad went back to their tent to sleep, and Zhu Lin also went back to her tent. Under Long Shengyu’s persistent gaze, she let him join her. It didn’t matter to her because instead of sleeping, she was meditating.

With Tu Tu accompanying him, Long Shengyu stayed by her side, guarding her. In the middle of the night, a shrill scream suddenly alarmed everyone.

“Ah!! Go away! Don’t come here! Ah!!”

Opening her eyes, Zhu Lin looked at the man lying lazily on the bed beside her, and Tu Tu, who was sleeping peacefully on his belly. When he glanced outside, there was only an indifferent expression on his handsome face. Smiling, she closed her eyes again and continued her meditation.

Except for Zhu Lin’s calm tent, the owners of the other tents came out in a hurry. After the apocalypse, people tend to be more sensitive to screaming. Before the soldiers had time to calm down the people, there was another scream.

“Go away!! Ah!! Help! Help me! Father! Mother! Ahh!!”

Coming out of the tent, Zou Wuhan yawned and walked to Qiao Tangtang’s tent. Zhu Lin had already told them during the dinner, and he was not in a hurry to see the show. Walking slowly, he enjoyed the cold night wind to sober up.

Not long after walking, he saw Qiao Tangtang’s teammates arguing with patrolling soldiers in front of the tent. Standing not far from them, Zou Wuhan watched them quietly. The man who had supported Qiao Tangtang earlier pushed the soldier angrily.

“Call Ye Yu out! We want to see him now!”

The soldier didn’t respond to his demanding behavior, and said calmly: “There’s no need to  bother Captain Ye. If you need anything, just tell us and we will pass your words on to Deputy Captain Zou.”


Before the man had time to throw a punch at the soldier, he was quickly stopped by his other teammates. “Stop it! Don’t you see they have weapons?!”

The angry man tried to break free while yelling at his teammates. “Let go! Didn’t you see Tangtang’s condition?!”

The teammates held him tighter and said, “We know! But what can you do by yelling at them? Calm down first. Ye Yu won’t see us, so go find Zou Wuhan.”

Pushing away his teammates, he snorted coldly. “Zou Wuhan? He’s just a dog following Ye Yu. What’s the use of looking for him? Can he command these soldiers?

Before he finished speaking, Zou Wuhan calmly approached them. The soldiers saluted one after another when they saw him, while Qiao Tangtang’s teammates changed their expressions. Zou Wuhan looked at their ugly expressions and chuckled lightly.

He stood in front of them with his hands in his pockets, and said: “It seems that I don’t need to come here. Since the young masters don’t need my help, then I will go back.”

He looked at the soldiers and said, “Make sure there’s no more noise. We don’t need a zombie party tonight. Anyone who makes noise will be killed.”

“Yes sir!” The soldiers happily accepted his order.

He glanced at Qiao Tangtang’s tent, then at his teammates. He put his index finger to his lips and smiled. “Shh…”

Smirking at them, he turned and walked back to the tent to continue sleeping. Thanks to Zhu Lin, he can sleep well tonight. Along the way, people could see Deputy Captain Zou, who was always calm and composed, walking with a rare satisfied smile on his face.

Early the next morning, Zhu Lin opened her eyes feeling refreshed. After dinner yesterday, Ye Yu gave her a bag of zombie bird crystal nuclei. Throwing those crystal nuclei into the lake in her inner palace, she felt that her divine power accumulation was a little faster than before and she regained more memories.

She turned her head and saw that Long Shengyu was still sleeping soundly holding Tu Tu in his arms. Seeing such a tall man sleeping with such a small rabbit, she couldn’t help but take out a recording crystal. This recording crystal has the same function as video recording. And this rare scene in front of her, she must record it as a momento.

Holding the recording crystal, she injected a little bit of spiritual energy, and began to record the scene in front of her. Ten minutes later, she put away the recording crystal. Knowing that he had been guarding her all night, she stood up quietly and walked out of the tent.

Outside, it was still dark. The western sky was still dark and starry, while the eastern sky had slowly changed color. Looking at the sky before dawn, she remembered her palace in the God Realm when she was in the Six Realms.

It has been a few months since she came to this world. For the gods that live for eternity, these months are just a short time that will go by in the blink of an eye. But she knows that in just a few months, she has already experienced more interesting things than her long life in the Six Realms.

She sighed, thinking of the upcoming war in the Six Realms. How many innocent lives will be lost in this meaningless war? Can her brother guard the Six Realms by himself? Has the mastermind of that year’s tragedy been found?

Her tribulation lightning failed, and there are still many things that have not been resolved. She never showed her concern and kept it to herself. But after meeting Long Shengyu, she couldn’t help but think of the past events and began to ponder about it. There must be something she wasn’t aware of that connects everything.

While she was still deep in thoughts while watching the sunrise, Qiao Tangtang’s scream came again. Since last night, her screams have been coming and going from time to time. Just by hearing her screams and counting the time intervals, she could guess how many bad things this Qiao Tangtang had done in the past.

Just like last night, after Qiao Tangtang screamed, soldiers would visit her tent in a few minutes. Because of how often she screamed all night, no one cared anymore. As long as her screams didn’t attract zombies or mutants, they didn’t care.

When the sun finally appeared in the eastern horizon, humans began to wake up one by one. Zhu Lin waited for another half an hour before Long Shengyu came out of the tent with Tu Tu in his arms. She thought she could see his ‘just woke up’ face when she turned around, but she didn’t expect to see his usual clean and tidy appearance.

Seeing that Zhu Lin looked at him with regret, Long Shengyu touched his face. “Is there something on my face?”

Because he just woke up, his voice was a little hoarse, with a hint of laziness. Shaking her head, she smiled at him. “There is nothing.”

Picking up Tu Tu from his arms, she walked to the RV for breakfast. She sighed inwardly while she walked. It’s a pity that she couldn’t see his ‘just woke up’ face today. In those memory fragments she got yesterday, she saw a lot of memories, all of which were his appearance when he just woke up.

Long Shengyu watched her back for a while, then silently followed behind her. When passing by Qiao Tangtang’s tent, a person rushed out and almost bumped into Zhu Lin. Long Shengyu’s hand hadn’t touched her yet, but Zhu Lin had already taken a step away and easily dodged that person. Seeing his hand hanging awkwardly in the air, he quietly withdrew it.

“Are you alright?” He asked her to be sure.

“Um. I’m fine.”

While he was still busy checking her, the person who rushed out and fell to the ground had already stood up. Without warning, the person screamed and rushed towards Zhu Lin.

“It’s you! It’s all because of you! Bitch!”

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