Immortal in The Apocalypse – 68

Chapter 68

Coming out of Qiao Tangtang’s tent, Zhu Lin went back to find Long Shengyu. When she got close to him, she saw him stroking Tu Tu’s soft fur with a dazed expression on his handsome face. Quietly approaching him, she patted his shoulder from behind.

Before she could react, he grabbed her hand and said, “Lin’er, you’re lucky that I will never hurt you.”

Hearing this, she smiled as she took Tu Tu from his arms with the other hand, and said, “Let’s go. Ye Yu and the others must be waiting for us.”

Hearing Ye Yu’s name, he let go of her hand and took the rabbit back. “You go. I won’t join you.”

Thinking of the memory fragments she got today, Zhu Lin chuckled lightly. She couldn’t believe that this man was so similar to the Devil God of the Six Realms. Even his jealousy and childish behavior is the same.

Staring into his eyes, she asked, “You really won’t join us for dinner?”

She looked at his expressionless face for a moment and sighed. “Then I’ll go alone.”

Turning around, she started walking away. Before she had taken more than five steps, his big hand had already covered hers. Looking back at him, she raised her eyebrows.

Long Shengyu held her hand even tighter, and sullenly said, “I’ll go with you.”

Zhu Lin was amused by his cute behavior as she held his hand back, and asked seriously. “Do you know where they are?”

Tu Tu, who was lying in Long Shengyu’s arms, sighed helplessly. “Let me lead the way for you, master.”

“Thank you, Tu Tu.” She gave her rabbit a grateful smile.

Shaking her little head, Tu Tu jumped off Long Shengyu’s arm and hopped forward. “Master, this way.”

Tu Tu led the way, and the two followed hand in hand. Although they have only known each other for a while, it feels like they’ve known each other for a long time. There is no awkwardness or distance between them. What’s more, Zhu Lin got back some of her memory fragments, and Long Shengyu almost recovered all of his memories as Devil God.

After following the little rabbit for a few minutes, they saw Ye Yu and others sitting around a small campfire, talking in low voices. Seeing them holding hands, Quan Yun nudged Zou Wuhan, who was sitting beside him, with a smirk on his face.

Huo Ming turned around and beckoned Zhu Lin to sit beside him. “I’ve prepared the seats for you and Long Shengyu.”

Zhu Lin smiled slightly at him, thanked him and sat down. She took the tray with dinner from him while looking at their colorful expressions and asked, “What did you guys talk about?”

Huo Bai smiled meaningfully at her, and said, “We heard from Ah Yun that Young Master Long is your lover? Didn’t you just meet each other not long ago? How did your relationship improve so fast? Come, tell your brother your secret.”

She looked at their ‘want to gossip’ faces and answered him with a calm smile. “The destined lover?”

Stunned by her answer, the six men looked at her like she was an impostor. Fu Hu looked at her and touched his chin, pondering seriously.

“Xiao Lin, why do I feel that you have changed suddenly? Are you the real Zhu Lin or an impostor?”

Chewing her food slowly, she nodded. After swallowing her food, she smiled and said, “Maybe you will understand after you find yourself a lover?”

Fu Hu touched his heart with a bitter face. Suddenly, her words combined with her beautiful smile gave him a critical blow. In forty two years of his life, he never dated anyone. Busy with missions every day, who has time to find a lover?

Waving his big hand, Fu Hu snorted and ignored her. While others were laughing at Fu Hu, Ye Yu put down the cup in his hand and looked at Zhu Lin.

“Have you finished it?”

Nodding to him, she hummed in reply. “Um.”

Seeing that he was still waiting for her to explain, she put down her chopsticks and said, “At least for a month, she won’t have the energy to pester you. You don’t have to worry.”

Relieved, he said, “I see. Thank you, Xiao Lin.”

Nodding again, she continued: “If her companions ask for medical treatment, you don’t have to give it to them. Don’t waste the supplies on her.”

Listening to their conversation, Zou Wuhan thought for a while and asked, “What did you do to Qiao Tangtang?”

“Just let her taste what she did to others.”

She responded casually while moving her favorite sweet and sour pork to Long Shengyu’s plate. She looked at him with a smile and said, “Eat more. Huo Ming’s sweet and sour pork is very delicious.”

Long Shengyu looked helplessly at the mountains of food on his plate. Although he ate a lot, there was no need to rob her food. He watched her smile happily, as she moved the food from her plate to his plate, and couldn’t help saying, “You eat too. Don’t give everything to me.”

She nodded, but her chopsticks didn’t stop at all. Seeing her happily giving him all her food, a warm feeling slowly rose in his cold heart. This is the first time anyone had been so attentive and gentle to him.

Quan Yun watched her sprinkle dog food everywhere, and put down his spoon with a dissatisfied expression. “Sister Lin, can you stop stuffing me with dog food? I can’t eat my dinner anymore.”

Her chopsticks paused, and she looked at him confusedly. “I didn’t give you any dog ​​food.”

Speechless, he picked up the spoon and continued eating in silence. He suddenly missed his old Sister Lin very much. Zou Wuhan ignored Quan Yun and asked again.

“Can you explain more? How did you do it?”

Seeing that other people were curious, she took out a jade bottle from the warehouse from her inner palace. She showed them the jade bottle and began to explain.

“Inside this jade bottle, there is something that can make people drowsy, and every time they fall asleep, they will have nightmares. The nightmares are very specific and realistic. No matter what you do to others, if it is considered an evil act, you will all get the same in your nightmares.”

Ye Yu looked at the jade bottle with great interest, and asked, “What standard do you use to determine what is an evil act and what is not?”

“That’s very simple. It’s based on the judgment of the Heavenly Dao.”

The others looked at each other, and she continued: “For example, if a mortal accidentally steps on an ant and kills the ant, is it considered as an evil act?”

Quan Yun raised his hand and said, “No.”

She nodded and said, “But what if a mortal deliberately killed the ant?”

Quan Yun answered her again. “It is.”

“That’s right. But in front of the Heavenly Dao, the behavior of both is the same. They both kill the ant and end the life of that ant. The only difference is their intentions. According to the Heavenly Dao, that mortal should be punished .”

Huo Ming looked at her and asked, “So there is no difference between them?”

Shaking her head, she said, “The difference is that besides the Heavenly Dao, there is the Heavenly Law. This medicine can amplify the Heavenly Law and act as a conductor to deliver the punishment from the Heavenly Dao.”

Huo Ming nodded and asked, “What’s the difference between Heaven Dao and Heavenly Law?”

She looked at him with a smile, and said: “The Heavenly Dao created the world and created by the world, while the Heavenly Law is the rules of the world. For example, the Heavenly Law stipulates that time can only move forward, while the Heavenly Dao created the time. “

After listening to her explanation, they finally understood. Ye Yu stroked his chin and asked, “Then how effective is your medicine?”

“As soon as people are exposed to this medicine, they will be very sleepy and sleep most of the time. But when they fall asleep, the punishment will begin. A little bit of this Hell Gate powder can work for at least a month, and for the mentally weak people is at most three months. The effect wears off only after the target loses sanity or repents for their crimes.”

They looked at the little jade bottle in her hand and couldn’t help but shudder. How miserable would it be if a person could not sleep peacefully for so long while also being punished by heaven? This Zhu Lin really can’t be offended at all cost, ah.

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