Immortal in The Apocalypse – 67

Chapter 67

Inside the military vehicle, Zhu Lin and Long Shengyu sat together in the back row, as she watched her rabbit playing with him happily. Quan Yun, who was sitting in the passenger seat, turned around and looked at the little rabbit acting like a baby with a stranger, and asked, “Sister Lin, who is this brother?”

“Long Xiyin’s younger cousin.” She answered him lazily.

“Oh~ hello brother. Your name is Long Shengyu?”

Long Shengyu raised his gaze from the cute rabbit, and met eyes with Quan Yun’s friendly gaze as he answered him without expression. “Mhm.”

Receiving a hum as answered didn’t lower Quan Yun’s mood. He moved closer and asked curiously. “What’s your relationship with Sister Lin? Are you her lover?”

Hearing his question, Long Shengyu’s hand stroking Tu Tu’s soft fur paused. He didn’t know what relationship he had with her. At best, they are just strangers to each other. Thinking of this, his mood suddenly became depressed.

Quan Yu is very sensitive to people’s emotions, and as soon as he asked, he knew that Long Shengyu was feeling depressed. He broke the awkward silence with a cough, and turned to look at Zhu Lin. He smiled at her and said, “Sister Lin, why don’t you answer me instead?”

Just as she was thinking about the answer, Long Shengyu’s hand tightened unconsciously. After a long silence, she said in a questioning tone. “Lover?”

Her answer shocked both Quan Yun and Long Shengyu. Quan Yun smiled brighter and asked her again. “Why are you answering that as a question? Haven’t you guys established a relationship yet?”

She didn’t answer Quan Yun, but stared at her rabbit in Long Shengyu’s arms for a while. Quan Yu, who was waiting patiently, did not break the silence, but just observed them carefully. As a gossip master, his specialty is observation. Seeing the subtle change in Zhu Lin’s expression, he secretly smirked.

After a long time, she said, “He refused to admit it. So… Maybe we are just strangers?”

Hearing her words, Long Shengyu raised his head and hurriedly said, “We’re not.”

After hesitating for a few seconds, he continued in a soft voice. “As Lin’er said… we are lovers.”

Quan Yun looked at his embarrassed expression and his red ears, and then at the slightly curved corners of Zhu Lin’s lips. The smirk on the corners of his mouth deepened.

Smiling brighter, he said, “Since you are my Sister Lin’s lover, then I will call you Brother Shengyu. Is this okay? “

Long Shengyu stared at Quan Yun’s overly friendly smile and agreed stiffly after thinking for a while. “Mhm.”

“That’s great! From now on, you are my brother. Nice to meet you, Brother Shengyu.”

Receiving his enthusiastic welcome, Long Shengyu nodded and concentrated on playing with Tu Tu. Zhu Lin sat beside him, staring at him without moving her eyes away. Because just by looking at him, she kept receiving countless memory fragments. Although it’s just fragments, she can connect these fragments together and slowly retrieve her lost memories.

As Quan Yun concentrated on finding out more inside stories, Tu Tu was busy playing with Long Shengyu, and Zhu Lin kept her gaze fixed on Long Shengyu. They spent eight hours on such a journey. When they finally stopped to rest, Long Shengyu’s face was as red as boiled tomatoes, while Quan Yun’s smile could brighten even the gloomiest days.

When Zhu Lin got out of the car, she saw Ye Yu walking towards her with a sullen face. She looked at him with a slight smile and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Ye Yu sighed heavily. Seeing his appearance, she raised her eyebrows and asked again. “Is that person making trouble again?”

Nodding his head, he gritted his teeth and said, “Yeah.”

She looked at his clenched jaw and knew how hard he was fighting the urge to kill that woman. Touching her chin, she pondered for a moment and asked, “Do you want me to help you?”

“That’s why I’m looking for you now.” He sighed.

She gave him a reassuring smile and said, “Leave it to me. Just help me to let Huo Ming know to add another dinner portion for me.”

Ye Yu glanced lightly at Long Shengyu who was standing beside her while holding Tu Tu in his arms. Seeing the subtle changes between them, he nodded. “Mhm.”

After sending Ye Yu away, she turned around and patted her rabbit’s head lightly. “You stay with Ah Yu for now. I have something to do.”

“Yes, master.” Tu Tu answered her obediently.

She looked at Long Shengyu with a smile, and said, “Wait for me for a while.”

He nodded at her, but she could tell that he was not willing to be called ‘Ah Yu’ by her. With a chuckle, she left them and went to find Qiao Tangtang. She will wait until the day when he regrets being unwilling to be called ‘Ah Yu’ by her today.

After searching for a while under the guidance of the soldiers, she found the tent that Qiao Tangtang was going to use tonight. Looking around, she didn’t see Qiao Tangtang’s teammates, nor did she see any patrolling guards. Taking out a light element talisman, she activated it and her figure instantly became invisible.

This light talisman uses the light trajectory in the air to distort perception, causing the talisman user to become invisible. In fact, this kind of low level talisman can only be used for fun. In the Six Realms, only children would use this kind of talisman paper for battle training. But here, it’s enough for her to sneak around under these humans’ eyes.

Lifting the tent cover, she walked in silently. She saw Qiao Tangtang sitting on the chair with a distorted expression on her face. Beside her, there was another woman standing with her head bowed. Before she had time to scatter sleeping powder on her, Qiao Tangtang gave the other woman a fierce glare.

“What did you just say?! Repeat it for me!” She yelled at the woman angrily.

The other woman tremblingly answered Qiao Tangtang. “Ca… Captain Ye was looking for that woman just now. And… Th… There is a man following her. He looks a little bit similar to Long Xiyin, the eldest young master of the Long family.”

Standing up, Qiao Tangtang slapped the woman to the ground. She beats the poor woman while cursing angrily.

“Bitch! How dare she seduce my Brother Yu?! Bitch! Bitch! Go die!”

The other woman curled up, covering her head with her hands and whimpered under her attacks. A few minutes later, Qiao Tangtang sat back panting heavily. After taking a few sips of water, she angrily put the water bottle on the table.

After a long time, she spoke in a calmer voice. “Go find out who that man is. I want all the information about him and their relationship.”

The other woman moved, stood up with difficulty, bowed to Qiao Tangtang, and dragged her battered body out of the tent. Zhu Lin stood on the side and watched everything with indifferent eyes. She put the jade bottle containing the sleeping powder back into her warehouse, and took out another jade bottle.

For a human like Qiao Tangtang, she has no compassion for her as a God. She quietly approached Qiao Tangtang, stood behind her and opened the jade bottle cap. Lifting the jade bottle on top of Qiao Tangtang’s head, she directly scattered the contents on her.

Seeing the dark green powder gently fall into Qiao Tangtang’s body and absorbed into her skin, Zhu Lin calmly closed the lid. Putting the jade bottle back into the warehouse, she got out of the tent and went to have dinner.

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