Immortal in The Apocalypse – 66

Chapter 66

After Long Shengyu whispered out that sentence, they fell into silence again. Zhu Lin called Tu Tu as her mind became clearer.

[Tu Tu, come out.]

The white rabbit heard her master’s call and looked up at the sky of Zhu Lin’s inner palace. “Yes, master.”

Putting down what she was holding, Tu Tu flashed out of the inner palace and jumped to Zhu Lin’s shoulder. As soon as the rabbit saw the man standing one step away from Zhu Lin, he cried out excitedly in a childlike voice.

“Master! I miss you!”

The little rabbit didn’t delay for a moment, it jumped towards Long Shengyu’s arm and grabbed his shirt tightly like a spoiled child meeting her father. Zhu Lin saw that her rabbit was very happy rubbing against Long Shengyu’s chest, so she pursed her lips and picked up the rabbit from his arms.

“Have you forgotten who your real master is?” She asked the rabbit, very dissatisfied.

Hanging in the air with Zhu Lin’s fingers pinching her back, Tu Tu looked up at her and said innocently: “Master, you are my master. But he is also my master.”

She held Tu Tu in her arms, patted the rabbit’s head lightly, and asked, “Can you explain to me why you call him Master?”

The rabbit glanced at Long Shengyu, then looked up at her again. The rabbit looked at her hesitantly. After a long while, she asked Tu Tu: “You don’t want to tell me?”

Tu Tu shook her head and said, “It’s not that I don’t want to tell my master. But… I can’t answer. He put a  ban on me, so I can’t tell you the answer.”

Raising her eyebrows, she stared at her rabbit and asked, “Does calling him Master have something to do with your origin?”

Tu Tu nodded hastily like a chicken pecking at rice. “Yes, yes. This is the only answer.”

After finishing speaking, Tu Tu took another look at Long Shengyu and then at her master. “Master, do you remember anything?”

“Only some fragments.” She answered calmly.

“Then… are you angry with him?” Tu Tu asked her with an accusing look.

“…. No.”

She flicked the rabbit’s forehead and said, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Clutching her temples, Tu Tu’s pink petal-like lips moved, and said, “He is sad, very sad. Only you can affect his feelings like this.”

Hearing Tu Tu’s words, Zhu Lin fell silent. After a long silence, she asked softly, “How do you know?”

She had a hunch for the answer to this question. Since seeing him for the first time, Tu Tu has acted like a child in front of him. After living for so long, she also knows one or two cases where there is a wonderful connection between spirit beasts and gods.

The first reason is because they were raised by the gods, or entered into a contract with the gods, just like her and her spirit beasts. The second reason is because they are part of God’s existence. Looking back on the past, she clearly knew that Tu Tu was raised by her personally. So, only the second reason remains.

She stared at the rabbit, waiting for the rabbit’s answer. But after a long time, the petal-like mouth of the rabbit kept moving, but nothing came out of the small mouth. Desperate to answer her question, Tu Tu even moved her short limbs and explained to her with body language. Seeing that her rabbit couldn’t even speak, she patted Tu Tu’s head gently.

“Forget it. If you can’t answer me, I’ll just have to find the answer myself.”

Standing in front of them, Long Shengyu watched their interaction as the corners of his lips curled up unconsciously. Sensing his gentle gaze, Zhu Lin raised her eyes to look at him. Seeing him smile gently while looking at them, she was inexplicably happy.

Knock, knock.

There is a knock on the door, which opens a second later. Quan Yun took a peek inside and saw them standing there with only one step distance between them. He grinned at Zhu Lin and said, “Sister Lin, we’re leaving now. Do you want to stay here or come with me?”

She thought for a moment and said, “I’ll go with you. The middle area is the most vulnerable area when attacked. “

“Okay. Come out quickly. We’ll be leaving in two minutes.”


Quan Yun waved at Long Shengyu as a greeting, and closed the car door with a smile. Tu Tu looked back and forth at her masters, and said, “Master, I want to stay with him.”

She looked down into the rabbit’s pleading eyes and sighed. “All right.”

With her permission, Tu Tu’s limp ears perked up. “Thank you, Master!”

The little rabbit thanked her vigorously, and threw herself at Long Shengyu, grabbing his lapel. Tu Tu looked up at him and said, “Master, we can finally be together like before!”

Hearing the rabbit’s words, Long Shengyu frowned, pressed his fingers on Tu Tu’s small head, and said with a calm face, “I’m not him.”

Tu Tu ignored his refusal and spoke happily. “Well, you are you. No matter who you become, you are my master!”

Standing where she was, Zhu Lin caught important information from Tu Tu’s words. She took a careful look at Long Shengyu, and reached out to hold his hand. When he felt her soft and warm hand covering his own, he stared at her in surprise, then lowered his eyes.

“I said, I’m not him.”

“I know. You’re not him, but you’re still you. Let’s go.” She said mysteriously, as if she knew something.

Not giving him a chance to say no, she opened the door and pulled him out while Tu Tu was still clinging to his clothes. Coming out of the RV, countless curious eyes followed them as they walked towards Quan Yun’s military vehicle.

Standing not far from the RV, Zou Wuhan nudged Ye Yu. “Yu, have you ever seen Zhu Lin holding someone else’s hand?”

Ye Yu pouted, but didn’t answer him. He felt that a thief was coming to steal his carefully cultivated lettuce. He is very dissatisfied. Zou Wuhan looked at Zhu Lin, Long Shengyu and Tu Tu walking together like a happy family, and didn’t look at his friend until they got into Quan Yun’s military vehicle.

Seeing Ye Yu pouting his lips, he couldn’t help laughing. It seems that the boring journey will become lively in the future. Patting Ye Yu on the shoulder, he said, “Let’s go. The sooner we get to the base, the faster you can get rid of those people.”

Ye Yu glanced at the direction his chin was pointing, and snorted coldly. Walking towards his military vehicle, he said coldly, “If they can survive.”

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