Immortal in The Apocalypse – 65

Chapter 65

Long Xiyin stood in front of Long Shengyu, feeling very guilty that he couldn’t even lift his head. Although he wasn’t the one who kidnapped Long Shengyu, it was his father who actually did it and the reason is him. When he knew the truth before, he almost killed his father and himself because of his deep guilt.

Fortunately, Chen Xiaoxian arrived in time to stop him, and dragged him away from the Long family’s house. Now that he has been away from home for ten years, the guilt this time is deeper than the day he learned the truth. He owes his brother a life and a family.

After getting his answer, Long Shengyu stared at the man who was standing in front of him with his head bowed. He couldn’t see his face, but as a mental ability user, he could perceive his mood more clearly than seeing his face. Long Xiyin’s sense of guilt was so strong that it could overwhelm even him as the seventh rank mental ability user.

Not wanting his feelings to affect Zhu Lin, he said, “There is no need to feel guilty. Although I don’t remember the past, I still remember the time when I was kidnapped. It was you and another boy who fought with the kidnappers to save me, and was injured in the process. I remember both of you lying in a pool of blood before I lost consciousness.”

Listening to his words, Long Xiyin also remembered that day. He almost lost his life together with Chen Xiaoxian. Looking up, seeing his brother looking at him expressionlessly, he couldn’t help but feel a little sad. His lively and lovely brother already died twenty years ago. The man sitting on the bed in front of him is a man who has been living through hell.

Taking a deep breath to stabilize his emotions, Long Xiyin closed his eyes and opened them after a while. He smiled at Long Shengyu and said, “Fortunately, brother found you now. I want to thank Captain Ye. You…”

He glanced at Zhu Lin who still had her eyes closed on the bed, and said, “Just do what you have to do.”


Long Xiyin glanced at his younger brother again, then turned and left the RV. There was silence in the RV after he left. After a long time, Long Shengyu’s deep voice came.

“Are you still pretending?”

A soft sigh came from his side, followed by a clear voice. “You should talk about this kind of thing in private. Why are you talking and crying in front of me?”

He crossed his legs and rested his chin on his hands, looking at her. Feeling his fiery gaze on her, she said, “Don’t stare at me like that.”

“Mhm.” He hummed in reply, but kept his eyes on her.

Zhu Lin was disturbed by his gaze, so she gave up meditating and opened her eyes to look at him. The four eyes met, and the atmosphere became ambiguous. Zhu Lin was the first to look away. She coughed lightly and stood up from the bed.

He hooked his finger around her little finger lightly and asked, “Where are you going?”

Seeing her standing there without answering, he gently tugged at her little finger and asked again. “Are you going to see that man again? Is he your lover?”

Turning her head, she saw his sullen face, and a memory flashed in her mind.

“Lin’er, who is he?” He looked at her sullenly, clenched his hands tightly on his side until his fingertips turned white.

She stared at him and couldn’t help but think he was very cute. Getting no answer from her, he closed his eyes to calm himself down. Her elder brother standing beside her looked at him with interest, then lowered his head and whispered to her in a low voice.

“Is he the one you want to introduce to me?”

“Um.” She nodded, blushing, and smiled shyly.

Seeing her shy look, her brother laughed, and fondled the tip of her nose with his finger teasingly. Forgot about the man in front of them, her brother kept teasing her until the cold voice came again with murderous intent.

“Lin’er is really dare to be intimate with another man in front of me. Who do you think I am? Your plaything or something you can just throw away at will?”

Looking up, she saw his fury and jealousy clearly on his face. Unable to conceal her happiness from his blatant jealousy, she asked with a smile, “Ah Yu is jealous?”

He gritted his teeth and asked her slowly with a sinister smile on his lips. “What do you think, Lin’er?”

She smiled happily as she approached him, and hugged his waist tightly. She buried her face in his chest, whispering to him in a soft voice. “He’s my elder brother. I want to introduce you to him. Are you happy?”

As soon as her words fell, the man in her arms froze. She raised her head and looked at his awkward and embarrassed face. At that moment, she thought he was the cutest person in the world.

Sitting on the bed looking at Zhu Lin’s dazed expression, Long Shengyu suddenly felt something stuck in his chest. It was very uncomfortable and made it difficult for him to breathe. Taking a few deep breaths, he stood up and looked at her closely.

At first, he was annoyed by the memories that kept coming and going in his head after meeting her and the little rabbit. Later, he couldn’t help but want more of those memories. When he met her again, he couldn’t help but want to get closer and closer to her.

Today, seeing another man hugging her and supporting her intimately, a raging fire rose from the bottom of his heart, burning his soul and reason. The anger was different, stronger than any anger he had ever felt. It appeared instantly, and the sudden urge to destroy everything took him by surprise.

Now, standing in front of her and staring at her dazed face, he couldn’t help but want her to look at him. Look at him and only him. He hoped that there was only his reflection in her clear eyes.

He raised his left hand and gently stroked her face. He touched her like touching a very precious treasure. With a slight movement of his right hand, he held her hand tightly. He wasn’t content with just hooking their fingers together. He lowered his face and moved closer to her until their breaths intertwined. He opened his lips and softly called the name hidden deep in his soul.

“Lin’er… look at me. Please… look at me.” His voice trembled and he murmured in a low voice.

Hearing someone calling her, Zhu Lin slowly raised her eyes and looked at him. Seeing his face very close in front of her, she fell into a trance again. She looked at his tightly closed eyes, at his eyelashes that trembled like butterfly wings, at his tall and straight nose bridge, at his sharp eyebrows, and at his ruddy lips. It was a face she had missed for a long, long time.

In a daze, she raised her right hand to caress his face and called him softly. “Ah Yu… You finally returned to my side.”

Long Shengyu opened his eyes and looked into her eyes with pain in his eyes, and spoke slowly word by word. “I’m not him.”

When she came back to her senses, she blinked and took a step back from him. Confused between memory and reality, she lowered her head before taking a look at Long Shengyu again. Just now, she finally saw the man’s face in her memory.

Staring at the man standing in front of her, she saw the same face as the man in her memory. She didn’t know how there could be someone in this world who had the same face and aura as the Devil God of the Six Realms. Not knowing how to react, she could only stare at Long Shengyu silently.

The two were silent for a long time, before she opened her lips and asked, “Who are you?”

Her voice was very soft, as if she was whispering to herself. Long Shengyu saw the confusion in her eyes and clenched his hands tightly. Not wanting to see her expression, he closed his eyes and remained silent for a long time before answering her.

“….. I don’t know.”

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