Immortal in The Apocalypse – 61

Chapter 61

Inside the RV, the atmosphere was tense as no one dared to speak. After Zhu Lin went in, she saw six people sitting around a low table full of food without moving. With a light cough, she silently walked to the low table and sat beside Huo Bai.

She followed the others’ lead and didn’t speak, just sat there and waited. After an unknown amount of time passed, Ye Yu finally sighed and said, “I’m sorry. Let’s eat first.”

Once he took the lead, others followed suit. He picked up the chopsticks and the bowl, and ate in silence. Zhu Lin glanced left and right, feeling that the atmosphere was not right. Putting down the chopsticks and bowl, she took out ten jars of spirit wine at once.

When she put the wine jars on the floor, six pairs of eyes stared at them like hyenas. Seeing their familiar eager expressions when they saw the wine jug, she coughed lightly. 

“Uh… I think you guys need to relax tonight. Why don’t you come and taste the wine? I will stand guard as the night watch. “

Seeing her awkward face, Ye Yu knew that she was doing this for him. He smiled gratefully and said, “Thank you, Xiao Lin.”

Hearing his new address to her, the corners of her lips twitched. It is strange to be called Xiao Lin by someone more than twenty three thousand years younger than her. While Zhu Lin was still distressed about accepting her new nickname or not, the six of them had already started the drinking party with the delicious food made by Huo Ming.

“Yu, what are you going to do with those people?” Fu Hu asked after taking a sip of the spirit rice wine.

Ye Yu didn’t stop his chopsticks, and said flatly. “Drive them away.”

“Is this okay? Isn’t she your…”


Before Zou Wuhan finished speaking, Ye Yu had already smashed his chopsticks onto the low table. The originally lively atmosphere instantly became silent. He rubbed the center of his brow, and spoke with displeasure in his tone.

“That woman is nobody. I don’t want to hear any of you linking her to me. You guys carry on.”

After speaking, he got up and left the RV, leaving only his teammates looking at each other helplessly. Sensing the gloomy atmosphere around her, Zhu Lin put down her chopsticks and bowl. Standing up, she looked at them and said, “I’ll go check on him. You guys continue.”

“Okay.” Huo Ming nodded at her and continued to eat calmly.

After getting out of the RV, she went to find Ye Yu and found him sitting on the roof on one of the military trucks, away from the crowd. Zhu Lin stood there watching his back for a while before approaching him.

“Why did you come? Have you finished your dinner?” He asked her without looking back.

Jumping up to the roof lightly, she sat beside him and chuckled softly. “How do you know it was me?”

He glanced at her, then looked up at the night sky. After a long silence, he answered her. “I can smell your scent.”

Raising her eyebrows, she smelled her body, but couldn’t smell anything. “I don’t smell anything. You have a great nose.”

Hearing her sincere praise, he couldn’t help chuckle. Seeing that he finally smiled, Zhu Lin let go of her worries. She took out another jug ​​of wine and a few plates of snacks made by Tu Tu from her warehouse. Putting the food on the roof of the car, she poured two cups of wine and handed one cup to him.

“A long time ago, someone told me that it’s best to drink wine when you’re upset.”

Taking the wine cup she handed over, he took a sip and asked, “Who is that?”

She smiled slightly, looked up at the round red moon, and sighed. “I don’t know. I lost all my memories about him.”

Ye Yu looked at her with surprise and saw sadness in her clear eyes. He drank the wine in one gulp and sighed. “It seems that you also have someone you love.”

“Also? Does that mean you have one?” she asked him as she refilled his empty cup.

“A long time ago. But she’s already gone.”

“I see…”

The two were silent for a long time before Ye Yu spoke again. “Do you know how she died?”

Zhu Lin didn’t answer him because she didn’t know. She just lets him say whatever he wants.

“She died because of that woman. She killed her in front of me.” When he said this, there was deep hatred in his always calm eyes.

Knowing how painful it was to watch the loved one die in front of you, Zhu Lin sighed and said, “If she kills your lover, why can she still get away with it?”

Seeing her calm face, Ye Yu felt much better. With a chuckle, he said, “Her father is a powerful man before the end of the world. Although I have tried my best to seek justice, I am still powerless. Seeing that the person who killed her is still alive and living happily, it’s really hard for me to keep living on.”

Taking a deep breath, he continued with a trembling voice while his voice was like a whisper in the silent night.

“Did you know that I buried her with my own hands? Every time I dug out the earth, I also dug out my own heart. When I covered her coffin with soil, I buried my heart together with her. After she died, I lived numbly every day. Until the day the end of the world begins, I see it as her punishment for me and the world because I let her down.”

Hearing his trembling voice telling her his story, Zhu Lin fell into a daze. She faintly felt the distant feeling buried deep inside her soul. Ye Yu turned to look at her and saw her fall into daze for a long time, then laughed.

“Well, since we have entered the apocalypse, should I just kill her to take revenge?”

Hearing his rare laughter, she came back to her senses and said, “If you want to do it, just do it. You only need to know that I will always be standing beside you. No matter what happens, no matter who your enemy is, I will stand by your side and fight with you.”

He smiled at her and patted her on the head lightly. “I know it’s the right choice to be friends with you.”

She smiled at him and refilled their jade cups. “Let’s drink and forget about everything. The moon is bright and the night is beautiful. It’s very suitable to enjoy the wine.”

He took the cup, held it up and said, “For our friendship.”

Following him, she also raised her cup. “For our friendship.”


They bumped their cup against the other, downed their drinks in one gulp and laughed together. The sound of light laughter and the soft clicking sound of jade cups echoed in the silent night, accompanied by the eerie howls of mutant beasts and the low growls of zombies.

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