Immortal in The Apocalypse – 60

Chapter 60

Standing in the middle of the crowd, Zhu Lin saw Fang Yaozhi leaving with a cold face. Seeing the end of the rebellion, she calmly went to find Ye Yu and the others. After walking for two hours, she finally found the house they rented, and she was relieved.

After knocking on the door, she waited for a while before Zou Wuhan opened the door.

“Zhu Lin, you’re here. Come in, it’s messy right now.” He said as he stepped aside to let her in.

He walked back to the living room to continue packing his equipment, while Zhu Lin found a chair and sat down. Taking out a plate of plum cake, she took a bite and said, “Seeing how busy you are, are we leaving today?”

Zou Wuhan approached her, put a piece of plum cake in his mouth, and said, “Yes. We’ll leave before noon.”

“Is the preparation done? What about the others?”

“Um. They’re going to get our payment from Fang Yaozhi and prepare for our departure. This cake is delicious. Did you make it?” He picked another plum cake and put it into his mouth.

“It’s not me, it’s Tu Tu.”

He stared at her in surprise. “Your rabbit can also cook?!”

Seeing his exaggerated reaction, she rolled her eyes. “Of course. My Tu Tu is the best rabbit ever.”

He could hear her pride and love for Tu Tu from this sentence, and just continued to pack things while snatching more plum cakes from her. Before it was nine o’clock in the morning, they left the rented house and came to the place where the others gathered.

Standing at the gate of the Iron base, Ye Yu looked at his team. The original six members have grown to over a hundred. In addition to his team, the Dawn Squad, and the fifty-six ability users they captured, several teams of ability users and a few families also joined in.

He stood there waiting for Huo Bai and Zou Wuhan to finish allocating vehicles and formations before getting into his car. Picking up the walkie-talkie, he said, “Move out.”

“Open the gate!”

Soldiers guarding the high wall were already standing there with weapons. As soon as the door opened, the zombies rushed in, and countless abilities rushed towards the zombies like a colorful rain. In this tense situation, Ye Yu’s vehicle moved forward to clear the way.

Standing on the roof of the military car, Zhu Lin threw out thunder talismans one after another. Coupled with Ye Yu’s ability, they opened up a path for the remaining vehicles. Seeing that the zombies had piled up high blocking their way, Quan Yun summoned his wind ability and pushed the zombies’ bodies out from the base entrance.

When the last military truck left the Iron Base, the soldiers guarding the wall quickly closed the gate. The gate was closed tightly, and the zombies turned their attention to the convoy and rushed forward one after another.

Standing on the high wall, Fang Yaozhi watched their convoy move slowly among the zombies. His cold gaze never left Zhu Lin’s back. When he saw her fighting the wind zombie before, he already wanted her. It’s a pity that Ye Yu protected her tightly.

Ye Yu climbed onto the roof and gave orders with a calm face. “Defend the rear from the zombies. Zhu Lin, take care of the middle lane. The rest of you, clear the way!”

“Yes, sir!”

Under his clear command, they fend off zombies without being besieged by them. While Ye Yu and Zhu Lin opened the road, they moved forward slowly. After four hours of fierce fighting, they finally left the Iron base area. The convoy drove at high speed, left the zombies behind and headed west.

Seeing that the zombies could not catch up with them, Zhu Lin sat down on the roof and took out a bamboo tube from her Qiankun bag. Opening the lid, she took a few sips of divine spring water. When the divine spring water entered her body, she felt that her tired body had recovered a little bit.

Enjoying the wind and the scenery of the wasteland, she couldn’t help lying on the roof and closing her eyes to rest. They walked for another five hours before deciding to stop and camp overnight. Jumping off the roof of the car lightly, she explored the surroundings with her divine sense.

After confirming that there was no danger, she went to Huo Ming. It’s dinner time and she’s off to find food. When she arrives at the Silverline Squad’s RV, she sees them entangled with a group of strangers. Out of curiosity, she approached them.

“Brother Yu, you will help us, right?” Just when she was close enough, a coquettish and pleasant voice came.

“Let go.”

Zhu Lin was surprised when she heard Ye Yu’s cold voice. It was the first time she had heard his voice sound like this. Normally, his voice is either lazy or calm, but it will never be as cold as it is now.

“You… Brother Yu, you really…”

Zhu Lin glanced at the woman holding Ye Yu’s hand, and saw that she was choked up with tears streaming down her face, looking at Ye Yu in disbelief. She found Quan Yun standing not far from her, so she walked to him.

She stood beside him, whispering softly. “What happened?”

Quan Yun was taken aback by her sudden whisper, and patted his chest. “Sister Lin! You almost scared me to death!”

“Don’t speak nonsense. What happened here? Who are they?” She ignored his accusation and pointed at the group of strangers.

Quan Yun looked at the direction she pointed and sneered. “Oh, them? An insignificant person.”

Glancing at him, she didn’t believe his words. An insignificant person would not make Ye Yu so angry. Seeing her disbelief, Quan Yun said, “It’s true. Have you seen the woman holding Brother Yu’s hand? She is his stalker.”

“Stalker?” She raised her eyebrows and looked at the woman carefully.

Although she looks dirty, she has a beautiful and lovely face. Her petite figure makes her look younger than her actual age, but her figure is very good. Where there should be fullness is fullness. Where it should be slender, it is slender. It can be said to be a peerless beauty.

Seeing that they were entangled, she asked again. “You said they are insignificant people. But judging from what you said just now and how Ye Yu reacted, she didn’t seem like an insignificant person at all.”

“That woman is forcing Brother Yu to get engaged. Although their engagement is just a political relationship, Brother Yu didn’t have any feelings for her at all. Besides, when she forced the marriage, Brother Yu already had a girlfriend who he had been dating for many years. Their love is a legendary story spanning thousands of miles.”

Understanding the background story, she and Quan Yun watched the scene in front of them.

“Let go.” Ye Yu said coldly as his face darkened.

The woman shook her head and looked at him with tears streaming down her face, looking very pitiful. Her expression and the way she bites her lip can instantly arouse any man’s heart. It’s just that her target this time is Ye Yu.

Ye Yu was annoyed by her and mercilessly shook off her hand. Falling to the ground, she let out a sharp cry.


“Ye Yu! What are you doing?! How can you push Tangtang like this?!”

A teammate quickly stepped forward to help her up, and roared at Ye Yu. After giving them a cold look, Ye Yu left without saying anything. As soon as he turned around, he saw Zhu Lin standing beside Quan Yun looking at him. He paused for a second before turning away and left.

Zhu Lin watched him walk away silently, and whispered to Quan Yun again. “Did you see his face just now? The expression there is very complicated.”

Quan Yun gave her a pity look, and said, “Sister Lin, before you comment on other people’s feelings and expressions, learn how to change your expression first.”

After leaving that sentence, he shook his head and walked into the RV. Zhu Lin rubbed her nose, thinking about what he said, but didn’t understand what he meant. Smelling the aroma of food wafting out of the RV, she ignored Quan Yun’s words and hurried into the RV for dinner.

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