Immortal in the Apocalypse – 59

Chapter 59

Zhu Lin looked back, and saw that the door was broken and five strangers rushed into their apartment with weapons in their hands. She observed the energy fluctuations around them for a while before turning back to continue eating her dessert. Long Shengyu saw that she was not angry because of the interruption, so he ignored those people.

Hua Bei and Hua Xi looked at the strangers, and then at Zhu Lin and Long Shengyu. Seeing that they were so calm, the siblings looked at each other blankly. Hua Xi continued to eat breakfast like nothing happened, while Hua Bei stared at the intruders.

“Who are you? Why did you break into my house?”

The leader of the strangers finally got the attention he wanted, and said, “Which one of you is Long Shengyu?!”

Hearing his question, Hua Bei glanced at the super handsome brother who was eating dessert in front of him. Intruders saw him glance at the other man and knew he was their target. Without saying a word, they launched attacks at Long Shengyu.

Long Shengyu was displeased with their interruption, and frowned. Countless abilities flew towards him, but those abilities disappeared before they touched him. Hua Bei and Hua Xi saw it clearly and were very surprised. It was the first time they saw an ability like this.

Besides them, those intruders were also very surprised. Seeing that their target was still eating quietly, they continued to throw abilities at him. The same thing happened again and again. Their powers vanished before they touched him.

The leader gritted his teeth and shouted, “Continue to attack!”

The colorful barrage of abilities lasted for more than ten minutes, but those abilities didn’t even touch the corner of Long Shengyu’s clothes. By the time Zhu Lin finished her breakfast under the colorful abilities, the intruder was already exhausted. Putting down the chopsticks, she took a sip of water calmly and got up from her seat.

Turning around and looking at the intruders, she took out a metal element talisman and activated it. From the middle of the talisman, rows of silver strings flew towards the strangers, wrapping them into dumplings. It all happened in a fraction of a second, startling both the intruder and the Hua brother and sister.

Thud! Thud!

The intruder fell to the ground and writhed, trying to break free. The leader glared at her, but his mouth was wrapped with the silver strings and he couldn’t speak.

“Umph! Umph!”

Zhu Lin sat back in her seat and asked Long Shengyu. “What do you want to do with them?”

Hearing her question, he glanced at the intruders before lightly answering her. “Kill them.”

Their calm reaction shocked both Hua Bei and Hua Xi. The siblings looked at each other and swallowed secretly. This brother and sister sitting in front of them looked so beautiful, but their way of speaking was so scary.

“Umph! Umph!”

Listening to their conversation, the intruders couldn’t help feeling anxious. Their faces were pale, and cold sweat soaked their backs. When Zhu Lin and Long Shengyu talked about killing people, it was like they were talking about today’s weather, and the intruders felt chills run down their spines.

Not surprised by Long Shengyu’s answer, Zhu Lin just nodded. Hearing the movement of those intruders, Hua Bei came back to his senses. Not knowing what happened between Long Shengyu and the intruders, he stood up directly, dragged the intruders to the corner of the living room, then picked up the broom and began to clean up the debris from the broken door.

After Long Shengyu finished his dessert, he stood up and said, “Thank you for the meal.”

Hua Xi gave him a stiff smile and said, “No problem. You are welcome to join us at any time.”

Seeing that Zhu Lin didn’t want to say anything to him, he pouted his lips slightly and walked to the living room. With a flick of his finger, a layer of black cloth covered with bright light spots like the night sky appeared around his body. He wrapped the intruders in that cloth, then walked to the balcony and brought them away.

Standing in the middle of the living room, Hua Bei still looked at the direction where Long Shengyu disappeared, and said, “What weapon did Brother Shengyu use just now? It looks very soft and beautiful.”

Coming out from the kitchen, Zhu Lin looked at him and said, “It’s his ability. If you don’t want to die without an intact corpse, you’d better stay away from that thing.”

“Huh?” He looked at Zhu Lin in disbelief.

“That belt has a corrosive function.” She told him as she walked to the broken door.

Before going out, she glanced at him and said, “I’ll go out for a while. You two should pack everything that needs to be packed. Maybe we’re leaving in a few days.”

“Okay. Sister Lin, be careful outside.”


After speaking, she walked out of the apartment building. When she stood in front of the building, she saw that the situation was worse than before. The riots have turned into anarchist struggles.

Curious about what would happen, she followed the crowd to the central area of ​​the Iron Base. After walking for a while, she came to the opening in the center of the base. In the middle of the circular area, there is a platform made of metal.

On the platform, a man and a woman knelt with their hands tied behind their backs. Beside them, holding a gun, stood a man in his early thirties with a calm demeanor. His cold gaze swept across the angry crowd, and it didn’t take long for the angry shouts to subside.

Seeing the silence around him, he stepped forward and said, “My name is Fang Yaozhi. I am the deputy chief of this Iron Base. I know you are all angry with the management of this base, and some of you also want to know about my reason for standing here.”

Everyone whispered, but they dared not speak loudly under his cold gaze. After a long silence, he pointed to a man and a woman who were kneeling beside him, and continued speaking.

“These two, I believe some of you know who they are.”

“Isn’t he Chief Tu’s younger brother?” A well-informed man in the crowd asked.

“I know that woman! She is Chief Sun!” A surprised voice came from the other side of the platform.

Fang Yaozhi nodded, took a document from his subordinate and opened it. Showing the crowd the document, he said: “Here is their list of crimes. After spending a lot of effort, we’re finally managed to get the proof. At the top of the list is the assassination of Chief Tu by Tu Erzi and Sun Cui.”

Looking down at the documents, he began to list the crimes committed by Tu Erzi and Sun Cui. Murder, robbery, rape, threats, kidnapping, extortion, all kinds of crimes are on the list. Everyone was dumbfounded by their long list of crimes.

Before he finished listing out their crimes, the angry people rushed forward to beat and hit Tu Erzi and Sun Cui. The guard let the crowd vent their anger for a while before separating them from the two. They need to keep these two alive for now.

After the guards pushed the crowd away, Fang Yaozhi raised his gun and pointed it at Tu Erzi’s head without expression.

“Today, I will execute them and give all of you justice.”


Before everyone could react, he pulled the trigger and killed Tu Erzi. Walking past the bloody corpse of Tu Erzi, Fang Yaozhi walked towards Sun Cui. Her body trembled, as tears flowed down, wetting her sexy red dress.

Seeing him pointing the gun at her head, she shook her head desperately, pleading with her eyes. Unfortunately, her pleading did not touch Fang Yaozhi’s cold heart. He looked coldly at the ex-fiancee who almost became his wife. Thinking of their past, he couldn’t help chuckle softly.

“Xiaocui, I didn’t expect that one day I would point my gun at you. You must know that today will come when you betray me and humiliate me. It’s a pity that I gave you many opportunities to repent, but you still left me disappointed.”

Sun Cui shook her head again and again, but Fang Yaozhi didn’t want to waste time on her anymore, so he directly pulled the trigger. Another shot rang out in the silent place. He raised his hand, wiped away a drop of tear on his cheek with his thumb, and turned to face the crowd.

“The granary will be open today. Get your rations at the supply depot. From today onwards, I am your leader. Follow me and you will survive. Betray me… Their fate today is your future.”

After speaking, he glanced at the two corpses coldly and said, “Throw those two to the zombies.”

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