Immortal in The Apocalypse – 58

Chapter 58

Two days later, Zhu Lin’s rest was disturbed by the shouts of angry people outside. After coming out from the meditation state, she opened her eyes. Not knowing what happened outside, she looked at the bed next to her, and saw Hua Xi who was still fast asleep.

She got off the bed, opened the door silently and walked out. As soon as she walked out of the bedroom, Hua Bei beckoned her to come closer.

“Sister Lin, come and have a look at this.”

Seeing the mysterious smile on his young face, she walked to the balcony and looked outside. On the street below, many people shouted angrily. Except for those people, there are no more corpses scattered on the side of the road.

Raising her eyebrows, she glanced at the excited Hua Bei, and asked, “What’s happening?”

Leaning close to her, he covered his lips and whispered to her, for fear that others would know what he said to her. “This is the big move that Brother Ye Yu has planned these days. Have you seen those people hiding around the crowd? They are the ability users you caught earlier. Now, they are all acting as pawns for Brother Ye Yu.”

Lowering her voice, she also covered her lips, and said, “What is Ye Yu trying to gain by doing this? I don’t think he wants to snatch this Iron base either.”

Hua Bei laughed and said, “Of course we don’t want this broken base. When we visited them before, brother Ye Yu already told my second brother about his plans. He wanted to create a solid excuse for Fang Yao to kill the other rulers. The final result he wants is to hand over this iron base to Fang Yaozhi, get the payment and leave this base.”

Nodding her head, she finally knew what they were doing secretly these days. The two stayed on the balcony, watching the lively commotion below. On their building roof, Long Shengyu was sitting there listening to their conversation.

When the commotion became more lively below, Hua Bei said, “Sister Lin, I’m going to prepare breakfast first.”

“Where are your eldest brother and second brother?” She looked at the commotion below with great interest while asking.

“They went out to meet Brother Ye Yu and others before dawn. They won’t come back until dinner time.” He walked to the kitchen while answering her.

Seeing that Zhu Lin was the only one left on the balcony, Long Shengyu stood up and jumped down to her balcony effortlessly. Zhu Lin watched him gracefully land beside her with a calm expression. She knew that he hadn’t left her side since yesterday, and had been sitting on the roof until now.

He smiled at her and said, “Good morning.”

“Good morning. Would you like to have breakfast with us?”

He thought for a while, then nodded at her. She took another look at the street below, then went to the kitchen with him following from behind.

“Hua Bei, can you prepare one more portion? My friend will have breakfast with us.”

Looking back, Hua Bei saw her standing at the kitchen door. Not long after, a very handsome and tall man followed. Seeing him, Hua Bei was taken aback. 

Looking at the height difference between the two, Hua Bei guessed that this person was at least 190 centimeters tall. He quickly finished the sandwich he made, wiped his hands, and smiled at Long Shengyu.

He felt that Brother Ye Yu and Brother Long Xiyin were already very handsome. But this elder brother who was standing beside Sister Lin is much more handsome than them. Touching his face, Hua Bei suddenly felt that his handsome face that he was proud of looked like a pumpkin at this moment.

Zhu Lin looked at his admiring eyes for Long Shengyu, and then glanced at the tall man standing beside her. Looking at the energy fluctuations around him, she also admired his strength. Boys are always envious of the strong. No wonder Hua Bei looked at him like that.

Seeing her looking at himself and the young man back and forth, Long Shengyu was calm. Unable to guess what she was thinking, he gave Hua Bei a sharp glance. He disliked being stared at the most.

Hua Bei recovered from his day dreaming state after receiving Long Shengyu’s deathly glance, and quickly coughed to cover up his embarrassment. Turning around and continuing to prepare breakfast, he said, “Okay. Since there is a guest, I’ll prepare something delicious.”

Hearing that she could eat more delicious food, Zhu Lin nodded in a good mood and sat down. Without waiting for her invitation, Long Shengyu also sat down beside her at the dining table. When the breakfast was almost ready, Hua Xi finally woke up. She yawned and walked to the kitchen while scratching her messy hair.

“Good morning everyone.” She said while scratching her stomach.

Seeing her, Zhu Lin greeted her back with a slight smile. “Good morning, Hua Xi.”

Hua Bei put the big bowl of corn porridge on the dining table, and looked at his elder sister’s messy appearance. He shook his head and kindly reminded her.

“Sister, we have a guest.”


Opening her half-closed eyes, Hua Xi turned her head to look at the dining table, and saw a super handsome man sitting beside Zhu Lin. He didn’t look at her, but her face suddenly felt hot. She pulled her clothes down over her stomach and stammered while moving backward.

“I.. I.. I’ll be back!”

Zhu Lin giggled at Hua Xi’s cuteness, while Hua Bei sighed at his sister’s shameful behavior. After waiting for fifteen minutes, Hua Xi came back with light makeup, a fresh pretty face, and fashionable clothes. Seeing her walk in in that kind of appearance, Hua Bei covered his face in shame.

Hua Xi chuckled softly, glanced at the three of them, and said, “Sorry for the wait.”

“Sit down quickly. We are starving to death waiting for you.” Hua Bei pulled the chair beside him and pulled her to sit down.

Hua Xi glared at her brother, and smiled shyly at Long Shengyu. “This Young Master is…”

“This is my friend.” Zhu Lin said while thanking Hua Bei for the porridge.

Putting a bowl of corn porridge in front of Hua Xi, Hua Bei said, “Sister, don’t think about planning against this brother.”

Hua Xi blinked. Her eyes puzzled, as she didn’t expect her to be so obvious. But seeing her brother’s warning eyes and Zhu Lin’s curious eyes, she covered her face in shame.

After calming down, she frowned and asked, “Am I that obvious?”

“Yes.” Hua Bei’s words shattered her confidence.

While eating, Hua Bei suddenly said, “Brother, what’s your name? My name is Hua Bei. The youngest in my family. This is my elder sister, Hua Xi. The third child in the family.”

Long Shengyu put down his chopsticks and bowl, and wiped his lips gracefully. After finishing all of this calmly, he raised his eyes to Hua Bei and said, “Long Shengyu.”

“Your name sounds nice. Can I call you Brother Shengyu?” He asked with expectation in his eyes.

After a long silence, Long Shengyu answered him calmly: “No.”

“Oh… How about I call you Brother Long?” Hua Bei asked again, unwilling to give up.


“Oh…” Rejected by him again, Hua Bei continued to eat breakfast with his head down in dejection.

Zhu Lin watched their interaction with interest while eating breakfast. While they were still talking and eating happily, there was a loud noise outside. Before they could see what happened, a group of people with abilities rushed in.


“Don’t move!”

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