Immortal in The apocalypse – 62

Chapter 62

The next day, the convoy packed up their tents and prepared to continue on the road. Just as Zhu Lin woke up from her meditation, she heard a commotion not far away. She jumped off the car roof lightly to see what was going on.

Just as she expected from Ye Yu’s behavior last night, she knew that the group of strangers was going to make trouble again today. When she approached the commotion, the crying woman saw her and glared at her with hostility. Pointing to Zhu Lin’s face, she looked at Ye Yu with a distorted expression.

“Is it her?! It’s because of her, right?! Answer me, Brother Yu!”

The sharp cry stung Zhu Lin’s ears as soon as she heard it. Seeing the woman’s finger pointing at her face, she frowned. Looking at her displeased expression, Fu Hu hurriedly stood in front of her, blocking the woman’s fingers pointed towards her.

Seeing that Fu Hu was protecting Zhu Lin, the woman became even more angry. She laughed angrily and sneered at Zhu Lin.

“I just knew it! You are that little bitch who crawled into my fiancé’s bed!”

Walking out from Fu Hu’s protection, Zhu Lin raised her eyebrows and looked at Ye Yu. Her meaning is clear. Zou Wuhan realized her intention, and hurriedly said, “Miss Qiao, please speak carefully. She is not someone you can’t scold as you like.”

Qiao Tangtang gritted her teeth and glared at Zou Wuhan. “Shut up! You are only a dog following Brother Yu. You dare to speak in front of me?!”

Ye Yu raised his hand, his eyes flickering. But before he could make a move, he saw a small white ball flashing towards Qiao Tangtang, hit her in the face and threw her flying like a kite with a broken string.



Qian Tangtang hit the ground heavily, and she felt that her internal organs were shifting. It hurts so much! 

She raised her head and looked at Zhu Lin while covering her swollen face. She thought she would see a weapon hitting her face on Zhu Lin’s hand, but unexpectedly she saw a cute little white rabbit instead. The rabbit stood on Zhu Lin’s shoulder, staring at her with red eyes filled with hostility.

Tu Tu snorted at Qiao Tangtang and shouted angrily. [Master, who is she?! How dare she call my Brother Wuhan a dog?! I want to bite her to death!]

Seeing her rabbit’s desire to protect Zou Wuhan, Zhu Lin chuckled and patted her own rabbit. [Calm down. Didn’t you already slap her? Let you Brother Ye Yu take care of her later.]

Tu Tu snorted dissatisfiedly and said: [Look at my master’s face, I’ll let her go for now. Hmph!]

While they were chatting telepathically, Qiao Tangtang couldn’t believe that it was the little white rabbit that slapped her away. Tears streamed down her face again, as she looked at Ye Yu aggrievedly, and said, “Brother Yu… shouldn’t you seek justice for me? She just hit me!”

Hearing this, Ye Yu chuckled lightly. Looking at her, his face was cold and there was deep hatred hidden in his eyes. “Justice? How dare you use that word. Qiao Tangtang, you’d better stay away from me.”

“Brother Yu!”

After hearing what they said, Zhu Lin felt that Ye Yu was too soft. She frowned and looked at Ye Yu, and asked, “Ye Yu, are you going to let her go?”

He glanced at her and nodded. He also wanted to kill this woman, but it was not the time yet. Their base has not yet been established, and the opponent has the Long family as their backer. He could kill her now, but he couldn’t put his family, friends, and those who follow him in danger. He needs to plan carefully to get rid of them all at once.

Seeing the deep hatred inside his eyes, Zhu Lin knew that now was not the right time to kill this woman. She waved her hand and said, “Since you have made your decision, then I will listen to you.”

Before she finished speaking, she suddenly looked up at the sky, and her face became serious. Seeing her expression change, the others followed her line of sight, but saw nothing. The next second, Huo Ming called them.

“Captain! You need to see this.”

Ye Yu gave Qiao Tangtang a warning look, and then went to the RV with the others. Behind them, Qiao Tangtang was helped up from the ground by her teammates. She gritted her teeth and pushed the person who helped her up angrily.

“Just wait! I’ll let you die without a burial!” She clenched her hands tightly and stared at Zhu Lin’s back with hatred.

Walking into the RV, they saw Huo Bai was busy in front of the laptop, while Huo Ming stood beside him. Seeing them coming, Huo Bai said, “Captain, look at this.”

He points to a laptop screen showing five different views. Before leaving the Iron base, Huo Ming built several reconnaissance drones. They use these drones to observe their surroundings along the way.

A few minutes before, Huo Bai noticed a dark cloud flying towards them. Taking a closer look, he found that it was not a dark cloud, but a group of birds. Each bird is as big as a chicken and looks like a zombie with rotten flesh.

When they saw the surveillance view on the laptop screen, they all felt their scalps go numb. When fighting zombies, they can still do it easily because the zombies move on the ground. They can also calmly deal with normal mutant birds.

But fighting hundreds of zombie birds is another matter. In addition to the need for higher accuracy in combat, it is also necessary to be able to hit zombie birds from a long distance. They also need to be very careful not to get scratched by those zombie birds or it’s a game over.

Ye Yu looked at the huge number of zombie birds, glanced at Huo Ming and said, “Huo Ming, do you have any suitable weapons?”

Huo Ming thought for a while and said, “I have three long range rocket launchers, but they don’t have much ammunition. It can explode within a radius of twenty meters when it comes into contact with the target, but it is still far from enough to deal with so many zombie birds. “

Ye Yu looked at the laptop screen and fell silent. After a while, he said, “Wuhan and Ah Yun, gather long range ability users and prepare for the battle. Uncle Fu, gather all those who can’t fight in one place. Zombie birds must be attracted by the human’s breath. Gathering in one place will be easier for us to defend.”


After receiving the order, Fu Hu, Quan Yun and Zou Wuhan rushed to do it. Ye Yu looked at the twins and said, “Huo Bai, you stay here and assist from behind. Huo Ming, you protect those who cannot fight with Uncle Fu.”

“Yes, sir.”

Ye Yu turned around, but did not see Zhu Lin. Without wasting any more time, he stepped out of the RV and saw her already standing on the roof of an army truck. He didn’t know she liked to climb roofs before, until now.

Lightly jumped to her side, he said softly. “Don’t overdo it.”

“I know.”

Not long after, dark clouds approached them at an extremely fast speed. Behind them, Fu Hu was busy commanding the civilians before closing the military vehicle. He climbed onto the roof to protect the vehicle, while Huo Ming was already standing on the other vehicle’s roof with all the weapons on his side.

Just as Quan Yun, Zou Wuhan and other long distance ability users formed their formations, the zombie bird had arrived.

“It’s coming!” Ye Yu summoned his lightning skill while reminding others.


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