The Apocalypse Merchant – 26

Chapter 26

One month after the end of the world.

Two weeks after the base announced the first discovery of superpowers human and crystal nuclei, the world is slowly ushering in a new era. As more and more humans evolve and awaken superpowers, the difference between ordinary humans and superhumans becomes more and more obvious.

In the case that the possibility of human beings successfully evolving into superhuman beings is extremely low, these two weeks’ death rates are even more alarming. While there is support for those who are evolving from the base, the success rate is still only 4%. Without adequate medicines and knowledge, scientists and doctors are helpless.

Natural selection and the law of the jungle come into play, as order and the laws of society finally collapse. With the advent of a new era, there is only one rule in the apocalyptic world. The strong rule, and the weak will be trampled upon.

Murong Jiao stood in front of the mission board in the mission hall, looking at any available missions. Rows of text appear and change every five minutes on the widescreen. After searching for a long time, she didn’t find any missions that suited her.

Unable to find a suitable task, she left the mission board and went to the long queue. With more and more superhuman beings appearing, she claimed to be a space powered human ten days ago. Although there is only one space power user besides her in this base, it is hard to find a job. Not everyone dares to entrust their supplies to a stranger.

After queuing for more than 20 minutes, she finally stood in front of the counter. Before she could speak, someone pushed her hard.


After falling to the ground, she raised her head and saw another space power user. Sighing inwardly, she stood up and patted the dust off her body and hands. Seeing that she didn’t respond, the other party spoke with an arrogant tone.

“Well, well. Look who this is. Isn’t this the useless Murong Jiao?”

Glancing at the woman standing there proudly, she didn’t bother to talk to her. Walking back to the counter, she said, “Good morning, is there any supply mission?”

The female employee working behind the counter was one of her customers. When she saw Murong Jiao, she smiled at her and said, “Miss Murong is here. What kind of supply mission do you want? “


Before she could answer, the woman who pushed her before grabbed her by the hair, and dragged her away from the counter.


“How dare you ignore me!” She yelled at Murong Jiao while pulling her hair vigorously.

With a hiss of pain, Murong Jiao’s eyes turned cold. When the woman loosened her grip, she stabbed her arm with two fingers. Accurately stabbed on her meridian gate. As soon as the fingers were retracted, the woman let out a ghostly howl.


Murong Jiao rubbed her scalp, only to see a few strands of hair falling to the ground. With a cold face, she stared at the woman rolling on the ground. Since she spent a lot of time in the spirit courtyard, she selected a few practical skills to learn. One of them is acupuncture. It can be used to help or hurt people.

While the woman was still rolling on the ground, she calmly returned to the counter. “I’m sorry sister. Can you tell me about any available supply missions?”

“Alright. Wait a moment.” The female employee was calm as this kind of thing has been happening more frequently lately.

While waiting for the staff to find her a mission, the woman behind her kept yelling at her. “Murong Jiao, you bitch! What are you doing to me?!”

Glancing back at the woman, she ignored her insults. It didn’t take long for the female employee to find several suitable missions for her to see. Looking at the list, she picked a mission to get staple food in exchange for contribution points.

“Sister, I want this mission.” She pointed to the mission on the list.

The female employee looked at the mission she had chosen, and said, “That is an S-rank mission. Can you do it?”

She was surprised and asked to make sure. “S-rank mission? Isn’t finding staple food an E-rank mission?”

Seeing her surprised expression, the female employee explained calmly. “Five days ago, the mission rank changed drastically. I don’t know the details, but all supply tasks will be classified as A-rank or S-rank missions.”

While she was still digesting the news, the male employee sitting on the left approached them and said, “I heard that it’s because there aren’t many places to find food outside. Our base is still better than other places. If you want to go out, you’d better hire bodyguards.”

“Why?” She asked the male employee curiously.

The male employee lowered his voice and said, “Two days ago, Captain Gu and his team caught more than fifty cannibals.”

Hearing what her colleagues said, the female employee was very surprised. “Cannibals? Are you sure?”

“Yeah. It’s very messy.” He nodded and went back to attend to the customer.

The female employee looked at Murong Jiao and hesitated. “Do you still want to take on this mission?”


Sighing, the female employee typed on the keyboard and said, “Thank you for your hard work.”

The female employee took her name tag, scanned it, and gave it back to her. “It’s done. Be careful when you go out, and come back safely. “

“Thank you sister.”

After taking her name tag, she handed the female employee two small paper boxes. “New snacks. Please try it with others.”

The female employee did not refuse the gift, but smiled happily at her. “Thanks.”

“I’m leaving.”

After waving at the female employee, she turned around and didn’t see the woman anymore. She didn’t know when that woman walked away, so she shrugged and walked out of the mission hall. Since she claimed to be a space power user, she no longer rents a shop and only sells things in the night market.

Although the base has set up a thermal barrier and people can go out during the day, she still likes to set up a stall in the night market. It has more traffic, and more information is currently circulating.

Looking up at the bright sky, she walked towards the entrance of the base. This time, she needs to bring back at least 300 kg of staple food. With the information she just got, she had to plan her time carefully. She can’t come back too soon, or it will arouse people’s suspicions.

As she was walking, someone patted her on the shoulder from behind. When she turned around, her eyes widened and she saw a familiar face.


“Zuo Ning!”

The two classmates called out each other’s name at the same time. Zuo ning looked at her for a while before hugging her. Feeling embarrassed, she patted Zuo Ning on the back lightly.

“Why are you crying all of a sudden?”

Letting her go, Zuo Ning laughed while tears were still streaming from the corners of her eyes. “I’m glad to see you’re alive.”

Murong Jiao smiled at her and said, “Me too. But I always knew you would survive.”

“How did you know?”

She smiled and said, “Because you’re smart.”

Zuo Ning pursed her lips and asked, “Are you alone?”

“Um. I’m alone. How about you?”

“Yijun, Quanru and Yuhan are with me. The rest of us…”

Seeing her downcast look, Murong Jiao patted her hand and said, “It’s good as long as you’re fine.”


Although she had no idea where they had been since the last time she saw them at the mall, she always knew the four of them would be fine. The reason is because in addition to the science department, her class also has the brightest students of J University. After chatting for a while, they agreed to meet when she returned from her mission.

After waving goodbye to Zuo ning, she walked out through the smallest gate for pedestrians. After she finished registering her name, she saw the female soldier she met when she first arrived at the base. The female soldier also saw her, and a smile appeared on her cold face.

She approached the female soldier and greeted her. “Good morning, sister. Are you still on duty?”


She looked at Murong Jiao’s clothes, and asked, “Are you going out for a mission?”

“Yes. I’ll be on a supply mission today.”

Hearing her answer, the female soldier’s expression changed. She frowned and asked, “Did you know they caught a bunch of cannibals just a few days ago?”

She nodded and said, “I know.”

“Then you still dare to go out alone?” Her frown deepened.

Murong Jiao smiled at the female soldier and said, “I’ll be fine.”

Seeing her confident face, the female soldier looked around before secretly handing her a handgun, and said, “You keep this, just in case.”

Knowing that this was the female soldier taking care of her, she took the pistol and thanked her. “Thank you sister.”

She kept the handgun in her own room in the spirit courtyard, took out a box from the kitchen that she prepared before, and handed it to the female soldier.

“This is for you sister. I’m leaving first. See you later.”

Murong Jiao handed the box to her, smiled and turned to leave. The female soldier looked down at the box in her hand and when she opened it, there were several packages of white rice, fresh vegetables, several bottles of water, a large piece of frozen meat and a basic set of condiments. Couldn’t help but sighed, she worriedly looked at Murong Jiao’s back as she went away.

“Come back safely.”

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