The Apocalypse Merchant – 25

Chapter 25

The news of Murong Jiao opening a small shop spread like wildfire, spreading throughout the entire base. Not because she sells ice cubes or chicken or fresh vegetables. What made her little shop famous was that she accepted small stones as payment.

It was already a week later when the news reached the senior management of the base. That’s because she delivered a hundred huge ice cubes to the soldiers’ barracks. In this week alone, she got more than 3.000 small stones and nearly 2.000 contribution points.

Tonight, as usual, she opened her own small shop at ten in the evening. When she opened the store, she saw a familiar face waiting in front of the store. She smiled at the woman and greeted her with her professional smile.

“Good evening, Miss Cao. You are early tonight.”

Cao Baining snorted and said, “If I hadn’t come earlier, all the ice cubes would have been sold out.”

Murong Jiao chuckled lightly at her eagerness, walked back to the store, and stood behind the counter. “How much do you want to buy tonight?”

“The usual.” Cao Baining answered quickly.

Preparing her order, Murong Jiao said calmly, “Tonight is much more lively than usual. Did anything interesting happen in the base?”

Cao Baining snorted again, and said disdainfully: “You should go out and have a look. Don’t stay in your small shop all the time.”

Murong Jiao was not offended by her words, as she put the big box of ice cubes on the counter and asked again. “So what really happened?”

Motioning her bodyguard to get the big box of ice cubes, Cao Baining said, “Do you know City J?”

After more than a week, she heard about J City again for the first time. She looked at Cao Baining and nodded. Seeing that she was listening to her, Cao Baining continued.

“After the three teams dispatched yesterday were wiped out, the base has just issued a ban on entering City J.”

Murong Jiao asked in surprise, “What happened there?”

“My brother said that J City has officially become a city of zombies. Although the base has issued the ban, if someone has the ability to go there, no one will really care.” She shrugged and replied.

“I see.”

Seeing that the bodyguards had already picked up the ice cubes, Cao Baining paid her for the ice cubes. “Here, the payment for 2.000 ice cubes.”

Murong Jiao took the small bag containing a hundred small stones and said, “Thank you for your patronage. Please come again.”

Waving her slender hand, Cao Baining left with her bodyguards. Standing behind the counter, Murong Jiao fell into deep thought. She looked at the thermometer in the room, the number was still 35 degrees Celsius. The temperature has remained between 30 degrees Celsius and 52 degrees Celsius for a week.

She had a feeling that something was going on right now, but she wasn’t sure what it was. Unable to find an answer, she put the question aside for now. She’ll find more clues before making her assumptions. Just as she put away the small stones, there was a huge commotion in the plaza.

Seeing everyone running towards the plaza, she saw one of her customers passing by and stopped him.

“Good evening, sir. What happened there?”

The young man and his girlfriend stopped and looked at her. After visiting her shop for a week, they got to know each other and have a good relationship.

Seeing that she didn’t know anything, the young woman said, “You should close the store temporarily and go to the square. Now the base is releasing important news.”

After speaking, they left in a hurry. Seeing everyone walking towards the plaza, she closed the shop door, put everything back in the warehouse inside the spirit courtyard, locked the door then walked towards the plaza. When she arrived at the plaza, she saw Cao Baining’s elder brother Cao Baiyun standing on the high platform.

Standing where he was, he glanced at the noisy crowd and the plaza suddenly fell into silence. Taking advantage of the silence, he calmly opened the file in his hand. After a long silence, a calm and clear voice sounded from the high platform.

“There are some announcements to be made tonight. First, a new currency will be available to bases and other bases starting today.”

He picked up a small stone from the tray beside him and said, “This small stone is called a crystal nucleus. It was found in the brain of a zombie and contains a certain amount of energy. This is the new currency that will be used in the world from today .”

After his words fell, the plaza immediately exploded. Everyone was discussing this new currency, and someone pointed to Murong Jiao. Ignoring their gazes, she was busy digesting the information just now. Looking up, Cao Baiyun looked at the excited crowd below, and calmly continued.

“Second, starting tonight, contribution points can be used nationwide, just like crystal nucleus.”

Without waiting for everyone to make a fuss, he said, “Third, yesterday, the first human being with superpowers was discovered.”

This time, hearing that a human with superpowers was discovered, the audience was in an uproar. Cao Baiyun ignored the hustle and bustle, and said calmly.

“Fourth, the latest results of the research institute were released yesterday. With the emergence of crystal nuclei and superpower humans, the scientists are convinced that the world is evolving together with everything in it. Including humans, animals, plants and zombies.”

He closed the file, handed it to the assistant, looked at everyone again, and said, “From tonight, the past world no longer exists. We have stepped into a new world with all dangers. The base will release more information in the future.”

After saying this, he turned around and left. Before stepping down from the stage, he glanced at Murong Jiao and the eyes of the two met in the air. They looked at each other for a while, then he turned and left.

The night sky has changed color, but the plaza is still crowded with people. Everyone is curious about the first superpower of human beings, and excited about the new changes in the world. With the announcement of the crystal nucleus, they finally have hope for a bright future. As long as you can kill zombies, you won’t starve to death.

The Diyu Base was full of festive atmosphere, but it was different for Murong Jiao and the senior management of the base. With the discovery of crystal nuclei and superpower beings, it proved that what she was worried about had really happened. With the evolution of humans and zombies, the future is harder to survive than the present.

The longer the evolution process, the stronger the zombies and mutants, and the harder it is for ordinary humans to survive. Unfortunately, those who are celebrating at this moment are not aware of this important message. Murong Jiao sat in the stair of the plaza, looked at those happy people, and sighed deeply.

“I wonder how they will react when they know the truth. Will they cry in despair or will they stand up and try to survive?’

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