The Apocalypse Merchant – 27

Chapter 27

After Murong Jiao walked for a while, she found an abandoned car, and hid behind it. Seeing that there was no one around, she took out a heat protectant talisman and stuck it on her body, and then walked out from behind the car. With the talisman on her body, the scorching heat she felt before dissipated instantly.

Breathing out a sigh of relief, she took out an umbrella and opened it to block the sun. One month after the end of the world, the sun’s ultraviolet rays are higher than before. There have been several reports of skin cancer in this week alone.

Holding an umbrella with UV protection and a heat protectant talisman, Murong Jiao walked slowly in the sun, thinking about where to go. She can hide in the spirit courtyard and count the time, and then pretend to walk back to the base to report the mission. But before she went to the mission hall, she had already done all the work that needed to be done. There is nothing to do inside the spirit courtyard.

With no specific destination in mind, she just thought of this trip as going out and wandering around. She took out a map, checked her current location, and found that there was a small mountain village 182 kilometers away from the Diyu Base. Thinking of those mountain villages before the end of the world, she decided to visit the mountain village. Maybe she can get the seeds of a new variety.

After putting away the map and umbrella, Murong Jiao took out her off-road vehicle. After getting in the car, she drove towards the mountain village. In the car, she turned on the air conditioner and ate spicy strips as a snack. With a cool breeze and snacks in her mouth, she enjoyed the journey.

Halfway to the mountain village, she saw two women on the side of the road. One of them was lying on the ground, and the other looked anxious. She slowed the car, but did not go down, and observed them first.

When one of the women got up to get the backpack, Murong Jiao saw the woman lying on the ground bleeding in the stomach. The car drove up to them, as she parked the car on the side of the road, got out and locked the car before approaching them. The woman who was still rummaging through her backpack heard footsteps and raised her head.

Without waiting for Murong Jiao to approach, she pointed at her with a sharp iron rod. “Stop there! Who are you!”

Murong Jiao raised her arms and said, “I saw you from afar, so I came here specially to check on the situation.”

The woman gave her a vigilant look and said, “We’re fine. You can go.”

Seeing her vigilant eyes, Murong Jiao didn’t force it. She took out a box of first-aid kit and put it on the ground. “Her bleeding hasn’t stopped. Before she dies, you should stop her bleeding first.”

Leaving those words behind, she returned to her car, leaving the two women behind. The short-haired woman put down the iron rod and went to get the first-aid kit. Opening the box, she saw a complete set of first aid supplies and several medicines. Without wasting much time, she hurried to treat the other woman’s wound.

Murong Jiao glanced in the rearview mirror and smiled when she saw the woman using the first aid kit she left behind. Forty minutes later, she saw the mountain village entrance and stopped the car. She parked the car back inside the spirit courtyard’s warehouse and took out a baseball bat and a hat.

Putting on her hat and holding a baseball bat, she walked into the mountain village. Murong Jiao stood in front of the tall wooden walls and gate of the village, reading the wooden plaque.

“Lu Ye village.”

She scanned the area and saw a dark brown patch on the wooden wall. Judging by the color, she guessed that the bloodstain was left at least three weeks ago. She gripped the baseball bat even tighter and headed for the village.

The wooden gate was slightly open, and one of the panels was broken. When she pushed the gate panel, it made an eerie noise.


Murong Jiao looked up at the half-broken hinge, and walked carefully under the gate, for fear that the gate panel would suddenly fall off. Safely through the dilapidated wooden gate, she looked around. The village is a typical mountain village, almost all houses were wooden houses.

No one lived in the house, and the wooden houses soon fell into disrepair. She listened carefully to the surroundings, and found that it was surprisingly quiet. She gets goosebumps when the gentle wind brushes her arms. Rubbing her arms, she stood there for a long time.

‘This village is very strange. There is no sound at all. Not even animal or zombie sounds.

Putting the baseball bat back into the warehouse, she took out two small square leather bags and tied them around her thighs. Immediately, she took out two short swords and carried them on his back in an X shape, and took out a dagger and tied it around her waist. Although she is not a fighter, she has been practicing hard in her spirit courtyard these days. With her current skills, she can still protect herself against ordinary zombies or humans.

Getting ready, she drew out her short swords and walked deep into the village. Pushing open the door of the village hall, she saw several zombie remains. Looking at the thick black blood and the wreckage on the floor, she knew that these zombies had just been killed.

Looking around, she picked up a log and poked the zombie’s head with it. She saw a trace of someone picking up the crystal nucleus from the zombie’s head. Throwing the log aside, she calmly walked into the door on the right side of the hall. As soon as she walked closer to the door, there was a rusty smell in the air.

‘It’s the smell of blood.’

She thought about it and decided to step away from the door. She doesn’t have enough courage to fight against unknown people or things. She stepped back, keeping her eyes on the door until she left the village hall.

After leaving the village office, she did not leave the village, but hid in a house not far from the village hall. Murong Jiao looked out from the broken window and waited patiently. After waiting for nearly an hour, the door of the village hall finally opened.

Breathing slowly, she took out an invisible talisman and an aura covering talisman, and stuck them on her body. Her figure and aura disappeared instantly the moment she put the talisman on. Coming out of the village hall, a group of five people walked out from there. One of them was injured slightly.

The only woman in the team spoke after standing in front of the village hall for a few minutes with her eyes closed. “Suddenly there was no trace of her.”

A tall and beautiful man, who seemed to be the team leader, came out of the village hall and looked around. After a long silence, his gentle voice came.

“She can’t go far. Do you know who she is?”

A thin man answered him. “I know her. She is one of the two space power users in the Diyu Base. But she is more famous for her business than her ability.”

The beautiful man raised his eyebrows and asked, “What do you mean?”

The thin man opened his backpack and took out a paper box. Murong Jiao looked at the familiar paper box and knew that the thin man was one of her customers. What a coincidence to meet her customer here.

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