Immortal in The Apocalypse – 53

Chapter 53

An hour later, six men and a woman stood in front of the abandoned old warehouse in the Iron base slum area. Taking out a key, Zou Wuhan unlocked the padlock and untied the metal chain. The clink of metal chains alerted those inside the warehouse.

Fu Hu took a step forward and easily pushed open the heavy door. The morning sun streams into the dark room when the doors are open. When Ye Yu came in, there were low voices coming from the warehouse.

Zou Wuhan opened his palm, and a small fireball appeared in his hand, illuminating the dark warehouse. Zhu Lin looked around and saw those ability users sitting in groups on the dirty floor. These people were those who wanted to kidnap her before.

Seeing them coming, one of the ability users struggled to stand up. He said hoarsely: “Kill if you want. There is no need to let us starve like this.”

Ye Yu looked at him and remembered that he was the first person who wanted to kidnap Zhu Lin. Looking at the man, he said lightly, “Do you want to live?”

The man scoffed at him and spat on the ground. “Stop wasting our time. Just say what you want.”

“We’ll be leaving this base in the near future. You’ll all open the way.”

After listening to his words, everyone stood up and looked at them with high vigilance. One of the women looked at Ye Yu with hatred and asked hoarsely, “What do you mean?”

Zou Wuhan knew that Ye Yu didn’t like any contact with women, so he answered her. “As our captain said, when we leave this base, all of you will open the way. You must know that there are zombies surrounding this base, right?”

He paused, observed the face of those people, and then continued. “You stay in front and behind the formation to deal with those zombies.”

The man laughed at his words and raised his chin. “Hahaha! Do you think we’ll do what you say? In your dream!”

Zou Wuhan nodded when he heard the words. “Of course we know that you won’t obediently do what we said.”

He nodded towards Fu Hu and Huo Bai. After receiving his signal, the two stepped forward and at the same time, Huo Bai activated his ability. Huo Bai raised his hands, summoned countless vines, and tied up the fifty six ability users in one breath. In the next second, screams sounded in the dark warehouse.

“Let me down!”

“What do you want?!”

Among the panicked voices, there were also a few curses. Seeing that fifty six green dumplings had been hung in the air, Zhu Lin took out two jade bottles and handed them to Fu Hu. After taking the jade bottles, he walked towards the dumplings hung in the air.

The first one to get the honor is the person who talked to Ye Yu just now. Looking at Fu Hu’s grinning face, he couldn’t stay calm anymore. “What do you want to do?! Let me go!”

“Hahaha. I will give you something good. “

Open the lid, he pours out a small black smooth pill. The expression on his face looked more sinister than the faces of those fifty six ability users. Grabbing the man’s chin and forcing his mouth open, Fu Hu directly threw the pill into his mouth.

As soon as the small black pill touched his tongue, a numbness and bitter taste spread in his mouth, making him suffocate.

“Cough! Cough!” With a few drops of tears in his eyes, he saw Fu Hu walking to the person next to him.

“No no no! Please let me go! Ugh!”

Before the man finished speaking, Fu Hu unceremoniously stuffed the pill into his mouth. In five minutes, everyone had been fed the small black pill by Fu Hu. He returned the empty jade bottle and another jade bottle containing the remaining poison to Zhu Lin. Zou Wuhan nodded towards Huo Bai, and he put away the vines that were binding those people.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

They fell on the dirty ground and tried to vomit out the pills, but nothing came out. It’s a pity for them, when Zhu Lin’s pill touched their tongues, it would turn into energy and penetrate into their bodies. No matter what they do, they can’t vomit out energy.

“Stop your struggling. What you just swallowed was poison. If you agree to do what we tell you, we’ll give you an antidote. But don’t try to cheat because you’ll need another antidote two days later, or you will suffer the poison attack. You have twenty four hours to think about it.”

Seeing that the poison effect began to appear, Ye Yu turned around and walked out with the others. Fu Hu re-tied the metal chain to the door and locked it again. They are not worried that those ability users will run away, because they have been hungry for many days. Now, they are even fed with Zhu Lin’s poison. It is even more impossible to run away.

In the dark warehouse, there were constant groans and screams. Fifty six people rolled on the ground because of the burning pain in their bodies. The woman who spoke with Zou Wuhan before was already scratching her throat into a bloody mess while screaming.

“Brother… Can.. can you… argh! Get rid of this poison, please!”

She rolled over and grabbed the hand of a thin man lying beside her. The man gritted his teeth and endured the severe pain with his body curled up like a shrimp. He is a wood system ability user, but his attack power is not strong. Instead, he can heal people with his wood powers.

Right now, he is already trying to detoxify the poison with his own power, but nothing happened. He really regrets it. Why would he agree to her request to kidnap that woman? His brain must be broken!

Seeing that he didn’t respond, the woman burst into tears and grabbed his arm even tighter. “Brother… Please… it hurts so much! Ah!”

Closing his eyes and clenching his hands, the thin man silently endured the pain. The pain will last at least twenty four hours like they say. If he wants to survive, he must conserve as much energy as possible.

Standing outside the locked old warehouse, Quan Yun touched his nose and glanced at his captain. “Brother Yu, do you think they can endure it for twenty four hours?”

Ye Yu didn’t answer him, but glanced at Zhu Lin. Feeling his gaze, she pondered. “They won’t die. But… I’m not sure if they can stay sane after twenty four hours.”

Everyone looked at the locked door silently. Listening to those screams and begging, they knew that after twenty four hours, the chances of those people still staying sane were really slim.

Huo Bai touched his chin and said, “How about we wait for thirty minutes and go in to have a look?”

“An hour.” Ye Yu said.

“Then what should we do while we’re waiting?” Fu Hu asked.

Zhu Lin looked at the empty surroundings and said, “Yesterday, Hua Xi lent me a picture book. In the book, there is a photo of a family watching the scenery and eating together. Hua Xi said it was called a picnic.”

Huo Ming looked at her and asked, “Do you want to try it here?”

She nodded quickly. “Yes.”

Six pairs of eyes looked at each other, while screams, begging and curses could be heard from the locked door from time to time. They looked away, looked at the dirty area, and looked at each other again.
Six tall men : “……” ‘Her taste is really heavy.’

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