Immortal in The Apocalypse – 52

Chapter 52

Early the next morning, there was a knock on the door of the rented house of the Silverline Squad. Quan Yun came out of the bedroom with a yawn, rubbed his eyes, and half-opened his eyes to open the door.

“Who is it? So early…” He asked with a hoarse voice.

Pushing open the door, he saw a man in the uniform of the Iron base guard standing there. Sobering up, he asked the soldier, “What is it?”

The soldier took out a letter and handed it to Quan Yun. “Deputy Chief Fang’s letter.”

After he took the letter, the soldier left. Scratching his head, he looked at the plain white envelope, then closed the door. As soon as he turned around, Ye Yu came out of the bedroom. With a yawn, Quan Yun handed him the letter and walked into the bathroom.

“From Fang Yaozhi?” Zou Wuhan asked as he walked out of the bedroom.


Ye Yu opened the letter and pulled out a chair. While he was still reading the letter, Zou Wuhan stood behind him and also read the letter. After reading, he put the letter on the dining table and thought about it.

“Do you want to hand over those fifty six ability users to him?” Zou Wuhan sat down beside him and asked.

“They cannot be returned to Fang Yaozhi.”

Knowing the reason, Zou Wuhan didn’t speak. The two sat there silently, each with their own thoughts, waiting for Huo Ming to prepare breakfast. It didn’t take long for Huo Ming to wake up and start preparing breakfast.

“Brother Ming, I want an omelet.” Quan Yun stood beside Huo Ming and made a request.

Huo Ming glanced at the young man who was still growing, and said, “No more eggs.”

“No more eggs?!” Quan Yun asked with a look of the end of the world.


“I want an omelet…”

Seeing that their youngest who looked so sad because of no more eggs, Huo Ming chuckled lightly. While chatting, there was a knock on the door.

Knock, knock.

Huo Bai went to open the door, and saw Zhu Lin standing there. He smiled at her and stepped aside and invited her in. “Good morning, Zhu Lin. Come in.”

“Good morning, Huo Bai.”

After closing the door, he asked her curiously. “Is there anything important? You came so early. It’s not even six o’clock yet.”

Zhu Lin blushed slightly and coughed lightly before answering him. “Uh… I really miss Huo Ming’s cooking skills.”

Huo Bai was a little surprised by her answer, and smiled slightly. “You came just in time. Xiao Ming is still preparing breakfast. You can ask him to cook your favorite dish.”


Now that she had lost her dignity for the food, she walked quickly to the kitchen. From the moment she entered the room, she could already smell the tempting aroma of food, and couldn’t wait to see what Huo Ming prepared today.

Seeing her walk into the kitchen, the men sitting around the dining table greeted her one after another. The most enthusiastic one is Quan Yun. He stood up from his seat and quickly approached her with bright eyes. Looking at his eager face, she unconsciously took a step back.

He blinked and looked at her expectantly and asked, “Sister Lin, do you have any eggs?” 

After thinking about it, she asked him back. “What kind of eggs do you want? I have many kinds of eggs.”

He rubbed his hands together as he spoke, and a bright smile appeared on the corner of his lips. “Can you pick out a few delicious ones for me?”


She went to the dining table and took out chicken eggs, duck eggs, several kinds of bird eggs, and a big egg that had never been seen in the world. Those who were sitting there looked at the mixed eggs curiously.

Huo Ming, who had already finished preparing breakfast, poked the strange big egg and asked, “What kind of egg is this?”

There was a little bit of pride in her voice when she spoke. “Water dragon egg.”

Thinking he heard it wrong, he asked again to make sure. “What egg?”

“Water dragon egg.”

Everyone : “…….” ‘Can you eat dragon eggs?’

With great interest in his eyes, Huo Bai touched the big water dragon egg gently. When he spoke, there was a hint of longing in his gentle voice. “Zhu Lin, can you give me this water dragon egg?”

She nodded to him and said, “Um. I still have a lot. Take it if you like it.”

Hugging the huge dragon egg, Huo Bai showed a bright smile on his gentle face. “Thanks.”

Huo Ming watched his elder brother happily hugging the big water dragon egg, and took more than a dozen ordinary chicken eggs to the kitchen. Busy preparing the eggs, he said: “Ah Yun just wants to eat an omelet. You can keep the other eggs.”


With a flick of her finger, those eggs disappeared instantly. After putting away those eggs, she walked up to Huo Ming and said, “I want an omelet too. With ketchup.”

There was a rare smile on the corner of Huo Ming’s mouth. “Got it.”

Before long, they happily started breakfast. Ye Yu suddenly speaks while chewing his omelet.

“I want to bring those fifty six ability users with us. Do you have any suggestions on how to make them obedient?”

Quan Yun raised his hand. Ye Yu nodded at him. Swallowing the food in his mouth, he said, “Tie them up and drag them behind us.”

“It’s too troublesome. When we leave, we need to break through the zombies that are surrounding the base.” Ye Yu shook his head.

Fu Hu raised his hand this time. “Beat them into submission.”

“We need them to be in perfect condition to open the way.” Ye Yu vetoed his idea.

Huo Bai raised his hand and said, “Control them with mental ability.”

Ye Yu thought for a while, and said, “Good idea. But we don’t have any mental ability users right now. If Secretary Ao is here, we could use this idea.”

“What about the Dawn Squad? I remember one of their members is a mental ability user.” Zou Wuhan said.

Quan Yun frowned and said, “That Shuang Sheng? Can he do it? He’s only a third rank ability user right?”

The others shook their heads after thinking about it again. If you want him to control fifty six high rank ability users with a third rank ability, that’s really asking for his life. When they were thinking of more ways, Huo Ming raised his hand.

“I can make some control devices and implant them into their central brain system. If they rebel, we can blow their heads off remotely.” He said calmly.

Ye Yu chuckled and said, “Unfortunately, we don’t have the materials for you to make those devices now.”

Huo Ming was a little disappointed, and continued to eat breakfast silently. Listening until now, Zhu Lin slowly raised her hand. The other looked at her, waiting for her to speak.

Clearing her throat, she said, “We can feed them the poison and give them the antidote once every two days. If they don’t get the antidote, they will suffer the pain worse than death. But they won’t die because it’s only an illusion.”

The other five : “…….” ‘Her idea was more ruthless compare with Huo Ming’s’

Huo Ming: “……” ‘I should learn more from her.’

After thinking about it, Ye Yu nodded. “We can use Zhu Lin’s idea. But we don’t have that kind of poison.”

“You have the poison?” He asked while looking at her.

“Uhm. I have it.”

“Then we can visit those people after breakfast.”


With this decision, they quickly finished their breakfast and went to find those unlucky ability users.

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