Immortal in The Apocalypse – 51

Chapter 51

02.00 a.m, Three days later.

On the roof of a three story building, a man is bending over to observe the surroundings. Holding a military binoculars, he quietly looked at the parking lot two hundred meters away. After observing for more than ten minutes, he put down the binoculars and pressed a small communicator on his right ear.

The small communicator beeped, and he said, “Target locked. Wait for my signal.”

“Got it.” After he finished speaking, the same five answers came one after another.

Picking up the binoculars again, Ye Yu saw that Tu Erzi was talking with a slender man with a spear on his back. He couldn’t see the man with the long spear because his back was facing him. After observing for a while, he felt that the man looked familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen him before.

Pressing the small communicator again, he said, “The target is with a man holding a long spear. Proceed with caution.”

“Got it.”

Another beep sounded, followed by Zou Wuhan’s voice. “Man with a long spear?”

“You know him?” Ye Yu asked.

A few seconds later, Zou Wuhan’s voice came from the communicator. “If he is the same person as the one in my mind, then I know him. He should be Dr. Su’s nephew, Su Liangzhong. He has the speed ability. Based on the last report before the cold winter, he is a second rank ability user.”

While listening to Zou Wuhan’s report, Ye Yu observed Tu Erzi and the so-called Su Liangzhong. After observing for a few minutes, he said, “They separated. Move now.”

“Yes, sir.”

After receiving the order, Huo Ming and Huo Bai sneaked into Tu Erzi’s house, while Fu Hu and Quan Yun followed behind Tu Erzi. In the small old boarding house building, Zou Wuhan sat in the living room with several laptops and equipment in front of him. He looked at the screen carefully for a moment, before he typed on his laptop.

He pressed the small communicator in his left ear and said, “Huo Ming, Huo Bai. The guards came. Get out of there now. “

“Twenty seconds more.” Huo Bai replied through the communicator.

He stared at the screen while counting the time. Zou Wuhan watches the surveillance screens, and sees that the guards almost made it to the floor where the room is. Huo Bai’s voice came while one of the guards walked towards the room where they were staying.


“Get out of there immediately.”

In the room, Huo Bai packed his things, followed Huo Ming and went out from the window, before disappearing into the dark night.

“Ah Yun, how is the situation over there?” Zou Wuhan asked.

Quan Yun said in a low voice like a whisper. “It’s hard to do it now. There are five ability users around the target. “

He checked the other screens and said, “Twins, clean up.”

“Got it.” Huo Bai answered him calmly.

A few minutes later, Huo Bai and Huo Ming arrived at the top of the tallest building not far from where Tu Erzi was. Taking out the binoculars, Huo Bai observed the situation, and Huo Ming opened the long box that he carried with him. In the box, there is a Cheytac M200 intervention sniper.

With his weapons ready, he found a place to act. Huo Bai counted the guards and whispered to his younger brother. “Five guards. Can you handle it?”

“No problem.”

The night sky was cloudy and there was no moon. Huo Ming closed his eyes, slowed down his breath, and stabilized his mind. Five seconds later, he opened his eyes. His eyes were calm and cold. He looked through the sniper scope, as he pulled the trigger.

Psu~ Psu~ Psu~

Three bullets flew out, and he headshot the three guards in front of Tu Erzi. In the next second, two more guards behind Tu Erzi fell to the ground. Huo Bai looked through the binoculars, pressed the communicator, and said: “It’s done.”

“Thank you, brothers.” Quan Yun said with a happy voice.

The target, Tu Erzi, was panicking now. The five guards that followed him were all fourth rank ability users, and all of them died in seconds. He looked at the holes in their foreheads and ran quickly toward an alley.

Not daring to peek outside, he shouted: “Who are you?! Come out if you dare!”

There is no answer. He could only hear his own heartbeat and heavy breathing. Tu Erzi sharpens his hearing, and at the same time slowly moves his body to see the situation. He peered out of the dark alley, looking at nearby roofs and windows. Seeing nothing, he took a step out from the alley.

“What are you looking at?”

A youthful and cheerful voice came from beside his right ear. He was very surprised and almost died on the spot. Looking back, he saw a young man looking at him with a grin on his lips. Before he could yell out, a heavy hand landed on his neck, and he lost consciousness.

Seeing Tu Erzi lying on the ground, Quan Yun pressed the communicator. “Target acquired.”

“Send it to Fang Yaozhi.” Zou Wuhan ordered.


Quan Yun looked at Fu Hu with a smile on his face. “Uncle Fu, you carry him.”

Fu Hu snorted, picked up the unconscious Tu Erzi like scooping up a bag of rice, and then left to deliver him to Fang Yaozhi. On the rooftop, Ye Yu glanced at his watch and said, “Retreat.”

“Yes, sir.”

2:35 p.m. The rice bag operation is completed. Huo Ming, Huo Bai, Ye Yu, Quan Yun and Fu Hu quickly returned to the old boarding house building. Back at their rented boarding house, Zou Wuhan had already packed his laptop and equipment. He didn’t look up when others walked into the house.

“Go rest. We still need to wait until we receive the payment and make preparations before we can leave this Iron base.”

Quan Yun yawned and said, “I’ll go to sleep first.”

“Me too.” Fu Hu said, and the twins followed.

Ye Yu sat down on the couch in front of Zou Wuhan and closed his eyes. Zou Wuhan glanced at him and asked, “What are your plans for those fifty six ability users?”

Ye Yu didn’t open his eyes, and replied in a sleepy voice. “Used them as horses and oxen to pave a way for us.”

“…….” Zou Wuhan silently lit a candle for those fifty six ability users in his heart.

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