Immortal in The Apocalypse – 54

Chapter 54

Ye Yu looked at Zhu Lin’s bright eyes and nodded. “Let’s have a picnic.”

All four teammates looked at him knowingly, only Huo Ming nodded calmly. “Okay. But we haven’t prepared anything.”

Seeing that they agreed, Zhu Lin quickly took out the things she had prepared with Hua Xi. “I’ve got everything ready.”

She spread out rugs on the dirty floor and brought out baskets of fruit and plates of sandwiches, bite-sized desserts and jugs of wine. Seeing those familiar wine jars, they sat down obediently.

Taking out a set of wine cups, she placed them one by one in front of them. With a smile on her lips, she said, “I prepared these cups specially for all of you. It keeps wine cool in summer and warm in winter.”

Curious, Fu Hu picked up the small wine cup and looked at it carefully. There is only a simple painting on the cup and nothing else. Eager to try, he opened one of the wine jars and poured it into a wine glass. If this cup is really as magical as she said, then this cup can be said to be a treasure.

After the apocalypse, only the powerful have access to refrigerators. As for them, although they are rich, they don’t even have a fixed place to live.

After waiting a few seconds, he took a sip. The cold wine flew into his mouth, and his eyes widened. “It’s really become cold! Xiao Lin, your wine cup is really a treasure!”

Seeing that he responded well, Zhu Lin smiled and said, “It’s good as long as you like it.”

Not wanting to be left behind, the other five also poured wine into their cups and took a sip. As soon as the wine touched their tongues, everyone’s faces lit up, and they praised sincerely. After the cold winter, the temperature is really getting higher and higher. It’s really unbearable every day.

While they were enjoying the picnic, the screams from the locked warehouse grew quieter. Ye Yu glanced at his watch and put down his wine cup. “It’s been an hour.”

The others nodded, drank the remaining wine in their cups, and got up. Zhu Lin stood up, flicked her fingers and put back everything into her inner palace, and followed.

Stepping into the warehouse, she saw that the fifty six people were too weak to even make a sound. With a glance, her eyes fell on a thin man curled up in a corner. When everyone was writhing in pain and screaming hoarsely, he just curled up there quietly while trembling.

Just as she was observing the thin man, Zou Wuhan’s calm voice sounded in the quiet dark room. “Have you made your choice yet?”

Those people raised their heads with difficulty and nodded weakly at him. He smiled at them and said, “Good.” 

Then he looked at Zhu Lin again. She nodded at him, took out a small jade bottle and handed it to Fu Hu.

Holding the small jade bottle in his hand, Fu Hu said, “Line up if you want the antidote.”

Those people struggled to their feet and walked over to him. Some had run out of strength and turned to crawl over to Fu Hu. Seeing their miserable appearance, he calmly said, “Stand in line.”

The one who stood up first was the proud man who spoke to Ye Yu an hour ago. After being tortured under Zhu Lin’s poison for an hour, he became very obedient. Fu Hu handed him the antidote, and he quickly swallowed it, heaving a sigh of relief.

As soon as the antidote touched his tongue, it turned into a warm current, washing away the burning pain on his body. No more painful burns or the pain of a thousand ants biting his flesh. Seeing that his face had improved, the others quickly extended their hands to Fu Hu.

After the antidote was finished distributed, there was only one person curled up in the corner. Zou Wuhan raised his eyebrows when he saw the thin man laying in the corner motionlessly. Ye Yu also saw the thin man and wanted to approach him. But before he could make a move, Zhu Lin had already walked towards the thin man.

She stood in front of him, with a distance of one meter between them. Looking down at the man’s body trembling all over, she asked, “Do you want an antidote?”

Asked by her, the thin man’s body tensed up, but he didn’t answer nor did he look back at her. Seeing the stubbornness in his stiff body, she quietly stared at his back. There was something about this man that made her pay more attention to him.

“Let him be.” Ye Yu’s voice comes from behind.

She looked up, and saw his handsome face frowning at the thin man. Looking back at the thin man’s back, she also frowned. She wanted to confirm her guess, but without Zhu Que, she dared not use the soul searching technique. It is easy to damage the target’s soul.

She shook her head after a long silence. “Nevermind.”

Turning around, she took a step but paused and looked back at the thin man. With a flick of her finger, she took out a small bottle of water and put it beside him, then turned and left. Ye Yu glanced at her, then at the thin man, and followed her.

When they left the warehouse with fifty five other ability users, they locked the warehouse again. The thin man was left alone to endure the torture of poison in silent darkness.

Clang… Click!

The thin man listened intently to the sound, making sure that the door had been locked again before moving. Gritting his teeth, he propped his frail and emaciated body up from the dirty ground. He looked at the small bottle of water on his side and licked his chapped lips.

After hesitating for a moment, he reached out and picked up the bottle of water. Opening the lid, he took a few sips to moisten his parched throat, then leaned against the wall. Letting out a shaking breath, he held the bottle of water tightly, as if it was his only life saving straw.

Standing outside the locked warehouse, Zhu Lin was still thinking about what she saw from that thin man. Although it’s unclear, she could see a thin golden light shrouding his body. This kind of golden light can only be possessed by the proud son of heaven. A person gifted by heaven with an extraordinary fate.

‘Could it be that he is one of the clues to find the Heavenly Dao?’

She had to find a definitive answer before she could decide what to do with him. Thinking of this, she looked up at the gray sky.

After the cold winter, there is no clear sky anymore. The dark energy covering this world has become more intense after the cold winter, and the Heavenly Dao’s energy is slowly dissipating. This is really a bad sign for the world.

Huo Bai turned around and saw her standing in front of the warehouse looking up at the sky. Following her line of sight, he saw nothing but the gray sky. Not sure what she was looking at, he called her.

“Zhu Lin?”

After recovering from her contemplation, she looked at Huo Bai who was waiting for her. “Coming.”

After they left with fifty five other ability users, a faint golden light fell into the locked warehouse. The light slowly condensed and became thicker, but quickly disappeared after a few seconds. All this was witnessed by a man standing on the roof of a tall building not far from there.

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