Legend of The Twin Core – 04

Chapter 4

The next morning, Ji Xia got up early and went to the town to find workers. She has already prepared designs for her warehouse, barn and chicken coop. She found a reputable company in town. After handing her design and negotiating the price, she spent $250.000 to hire them.

She will have a twenty-storey warehouse with a total area of ​​1.000 m2, two barns and ten chicken coops. She barely squeezed those buildings into her space. The building will be completed in 5 days.

Seeing that she still had some money, she went to buy gasoline, and then went to her own space to start planting her crops. There are 20 plots of land with an area of 20 square meters each. She decided to use twelve plots to grow rice, wheat, corn, potatoes, barley and sweet potatoes. Then use a plot each for strawberries and apples.

In addition to staple food and fruits, Ji Xia also planted three plots of medicinal herbs and medicinal plants. As for the other three plots, she has used them to grow vegetables. With these, at least her daily staple food, fruits, medicines, and vegetables could be fulfilled.

She jotted down the date and amount of planting in her notebook. With these records, she can find better ways to maximize the use of the farmland in the future, and it can also help her discover the land attributes.

As for the animals, she left them free for the time being. She needs to wait until her barn and chicken coop are ready before putting the animals in them. She also purchased a large solar power generation system from a nearby city.

While she was busy preparing the space and hoarding resources, her sisters Ji Qiu and Ji Bing were also busy. Their accumulated wealth is no less than their older brother. Moreover, they have a wide network of contacts, and it is easy to obtain food, medicine, weapons, vehicles, daily necessities, gasoline and other supplies.

They even bought a lot of various seeds. It’s not because they were dedicated to farming like Ji Xia, but because their hobby is hoarding. So while hoarding resources, they give everything they have, clearing out producers’ inventories.

After discussing for a long time, they decided not to buy it from the store in S city, but to buy it from other cities and send it by plane. The reason is nothing more than that when the apocalypse was coming, they could just go to the stores in the city and collect supplies. If they buy them all, there will be no supplies left in City S, which is also an unwise move. In short, a waste of money.

According to those apocalyptic novels and movies, there wouldn’t be able to use airplanes or other means of transportation that use electricity. Even their communications would be cut off. So they bought five large solar power generation systems and put them in Ji Qiu’s space.

Ji Bing and Ji Qiu are already planning to build their own base and become the richest if not the strongest base. Even before the end of the world, they have already divided the labor. While Ji Qiu was busy making her purchase, she received a message from her friend.

【Qiu, the matter has been confirmed. The apocalypse will come on June 5 at the latest. Be prepared.】

After reading the message, she took a deep breath to calm herself down. She seemed calm and cool-headed, but when she received the confirmation that the end was coming, she also felt terrified.

Her biggest worry is not that they are not ready, but what if the end of the world is not a world where zombies and mutants are rampant? What if the world suddenly explodes and the whole earth is destroyed into nothingness?

“No, if the world will be destroyed, why do Xia and I get space? The only conclusion is that the apocalypse is the kind of apocalypse with zombies and mutants.” Ji Qiu squeezed her hand and murmured.

After calming down, she made a few phone calls, and after finishing the calls, she took the car keys to find her parents. She needs to tell them and bring them into her space.


One week before the apocalypse, F city.

Five days passed in the blink of an eye. The warehouse, barn and chicken coop are finished and Ji Xia is moving them into her space. She doesn’t know if she can move something as big as the warehouse. So she started relocating the smaller buildings, the chicken coops.

She put her hand on the roof of the chicken coop, and with a thought, the chicken coop disappeared from that place and reappeared in her space. Two days ago, she discovered that she could sow, tend and harvest crops with her mind. But excessive use of mental power will give her a headache.

She and Ji Qiu are exchanging discoveries regarding their spaces, and the two learn how to use their space much faster. Fifteen minutes later, she moved the barn and chicken coop into her space. All that’s left is a huge warehouse. After resting for a while, she took a deep breath and moved the warehouse.


When the warehouse appeared in her space, the ground shook with a deafening sound. Ji Xia’s ears were ringing, while her mind was buzzing. Her vision blurred as the sharp pain hit her brain.

She turned pale and fell to the ground. Holding her head, she went into her space and staggered towards the well. She drank the well water from the wooden basin with a gourd ladle.

After a few sips, her headache gradually eased and the ringing in her ears stopped. She looked up and saw a tall tower in the corner of the field. The corners of her lips curled up and she smiled.

“I thought I was going to fail,” she said, pushing herself up. 

She went into the master bedroom to rest. After consuming a lot of mental power, she needs to rest for an hour or two before using it again. She also needs to use her mental power to organize supplies and those animals.

Two hours later, Ji Xia woke up and went to organize the animals and her supplies. 

The clock keeps ticking as she and her family are busy preparing for the impending apocalypse. The countdown to the end of the world is coming sooner than expected. 


S city, June 2, 2626 at 00:01 AM.

When the clock struck midnight, the earth shook suddenly. The largest earthquakes in history have occurred in hundreds of places around the world at the same time. The volcanoes erupted, and hot magma shot up into the sky, burning every creature on the way.

Deep in the Earth, the core is slowing down and stopping spinning for an hour. The moment the core stops spinning, the magnetic field covering the crust collapses, and particles from the solar storm hit the earth directly.

Radiation from solar storm particles incinerates humans, plants and animals alive. Half the world is blazing with flames. The surface of the earth is cracked, like the mouth of an abyss, devouring everything.

In less than an hour, 60% of the planet’s population was wiped out. An hour later, the inner core started spinning again. But instead of spinning in the previous direction, the core spins in the other direction.

With these, an unknown particle is released from the inner core, penetrates into the outer core, passes through the mantle, and slowly reaches the surface. When the unknown particle reached the surface, within just two hours, it had undergone several mutations.

In S City, Ji Qiu was ready from the moment she received a message from her friend. Every night she would bring her parents and Ji Bing into her space. Unfortunately, her brother and his girlfriend didn’t make it back before the apocalypse struck. Their plane was due to take off tomorrow, but the day before their return, the apocalypse struck.

When the first earthquake happened, Ji Qiu was still awake. She was stowing her swords into her space when the ground shook. She hastened her action and kept all her swords before their house collapsed.

Appearing in her space, she sat on the ground and closed her eyes. Using her mind, she can observe the situation outside the space. She watched the world destroyed by solar radiation waves.

Watching the hell was raining on the earth, she was thankful she was given space. She doesn’t know what triggers her spatial ability, but she’s certain that without it, neither she nor her family can survive the apocalypse.

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