Legend of The Twin Core – 03

Chapter 3

Resigned to her fate, she left the house and walked towards the well. She saw a hole in the side of the well, from which the water flowed into the river. So the water source of the river comes from the well. She scooped up water and drank it.

The water is refreshing with a slight sweetness. After drinking the water, a warm current rushed into her body, circled around, and finally entered her brain. She felt her mind become clearer and her body more energetic.

She thought about those protagonists in the novels and she closed her eyes. The moment she thought of leaving, her mind buzzed and she found herself standing in front of the mirror inside her bathroom. 

The scenery of the space was clear in her mind. After taking a shower, she went to her warehouse. Her warehouse is about 200 square meters and she uses it to store her crops and items.


She pushed open the door of the warehouse, and the morning light seeped in through the small opening, illuminating the warehouse. Looking at the pile of sacks in the corner, the rows of shelves, and the newly harvested corn and rice, Ji Xia scratched her head.

She went to the pile of sacks and squatted down. When she finished taking a shower, she received a message from Ji Qiu. She told her that they can take out items from the space with their thoughts, and they can also put items into the space. They can also control space with their minds. So in order to maximize her spatial function, she needs to cultivate her mind power.

Ji Qiu’s words sounded simple, but it was a very difficult thing for her. Although she is good at multitasking, and their family can be said to have a higher IQ than others, her mind is simple. So, she was wondering if she could control her own space like Ji Qiu did.

She sighed, remembering how her mother had always said she was a fool, despite her cleverness.

“All my scheming has been taken away by Qiu while we are still in the womb. Tsk! I should ask Qiu to make up for me in the future.” She murmured to herself as she stretched her hand towards the sack.

Closing her eyes, she saw her space clearly. While touching the sack, she moved it into her space with her thoughts. With a flash of thought, the sack disappeared. Seeing that it was a success, she smiled. She continues to move all supplies in her warehouse to her space.

For those freshly harvested crops, she processes them before storing them in her space. Although her space was quite huge, there is not much space to freely place items. She kept everything, including the machinery she used to process her crops and products. Those things are piled up in the corner next to her house.

When she finished, it was already noon, so she hurried back to the house to write up the planting plan and send it to Ji Qiu. Not long after, she received a notice from the bank.

【Bank account 001-xxx-xxxx receives $5.000.000 from account 030-xxx-xxxx.】

Seeing a string of zeros, her eyes widened. She counted several times before she was sure it was five million USD, equal to more than 35 million Yuan. She didn’t understand why her brother suddenly sent her so much money. She picked up her phone and dialed a number.

After ringing for a while, the phone was finally picked up. On the other end of the phone, she heard her brother’s tired voice, “What’s up, Xia?”

“Brother, why did you send me so much money all of a sudden?” Ji Xia asked.

“Qiu asked me to send you some money, she said you need it for something. Is that enough? I’ll send it to you more if it’s not enough.” Ji Ming said.

Ji Xia thought for a while and asked, “Brother, how much money do you have?”

“I don’t know the exact figure, but it should be around 80 million US dollars. Why do you ask this suddenly?” Ji Ming asked suspiciously.

“If… I said that if we are facing the end of the world in the near future, what do you think we should buy?” Ji Xia asked cautiously.

“We should buy supplies such as food, medicine, weapons and vehicles.” Ji Ming thought for a while and replied.

“Brother, do you think you can buy some medicines, weapons and vehicles from the government?” she asked again.

“That’s possible. But there will be a limit to how much we can buy.”

“Then can you buy as much as you can and send it to Qiu and me? Qiu’s friend sent a confidential message saying that there is something wrong with the Earth’s core, and we may face the end of the world in the near future. We don’t have an exact time, but we have a bad hunch that it may not be far from now.” She explained.

After a moment of silence, Ji Ming said, “I’ll send you some more money. Buy everything you can buy. I will notify Yili and ask her to buy medicine for me. For weapons and vehicles, I have some friends who can help me to get more.”

“Okay, brother. If you can, please take leave and go back. For the time being, it’s better to be with mom and dad. I’ll go to City S at the end of the month.” Ji Xia hung up the phone after finishing speaking.

Not long after, she received another $5 million from her brother. With her own money, she now has close to $20 million. That’s a lot of money. So she plans to buy more seeds, animals, medicine and a couple of SUVs. As for weapons, it was difficult for her to buy them.

Even if she managed to get her hands on some weapons, she never used them and didn’t know how to use them. Better buy some samurai or swords. At least they learned some close combat skills when they were young. And because of their hobby, she, Ji Qiu and Ji Bing learned ancient martial arts when they were in junior high school.

After making a shopping list, she contacted the seed supplier and ordered a large quantity of seeds. If she bought seeds according to the climate and land conditions before, this time she ordered all kinds of seeds that the supplier had.

She has several seed suppliers, so she buys all of their stock. In just one hour, she spent $8 million just to buy seeds and animals. She went to her space and organized supplies. Taking a tour of her space, she spotted a vacant lot around 60 meter squares near the corner of the farm field, where she decided to build a warehouse to store her supplies.

The sky inside her space was high, so she can build warehouses similar to towers. It saves space and can store a lot of items. After calculation, she may need to build it bigger. She also needs to build several barns and chicken coops for her animals. As for fish and seafood, she can put them by the river.

After making sure that everything could fit in her space, she changed her clothes and went to the seaside town. She needs to drive nearly two hours to reach the seaside town. It was a small town near the sea. The seafood and fish sold here are freshly caught and alive. So if she wants to buy fish and seafood to raise in her space, she needs to buy from here.

She went to every store and bought everything they had. Every time she buys something from a store, she puts it in the open trunk of her SUV, drives to a deserted corner, and puts it in her space. After two hours of wandering around the seaside town, she drove home. She spent another million on fish and seafood.

That night, after eating and taking a shower, she sat on the bed and checked her shopping list. She had about $11 million left in her bank account. It should be enough to buy medicines, food, and daily necessities. She also needs to buy some clothes.

She opened several online platforms and bought everything from there. She spent $10 million on medicines, food, clothes and daily necessities. All items will arrive the day after tomorrow. She paid more for delivery to get the item faster.

After shopping, she went to bed. Tomorrow she needs to hire someone to build the warehouse. The remaining money will be used to build the warehouse, barns, and coops. When it is built, she only needs to move it into her own space. This way, it will save her time and energy.

That night, while she was asleep, her body began to mutate. After gaining the space ability, Ji Qiu and she began to use the water from their space. They do not yet know the benefits of water from their space, but they are sure that it has magical properties.

So Ji Qiu has already used the water in her own pond for their daily water use, and she also told their parents and little sister to drink this water every day. Although she does that too, she uses water from a well instead of a pond.

In her brain, a small crystal the size of a thumbnail slowly materialized. The crystal was like a mass of energy which was clear and had a silver lining on the surface. While the crystal condensed, her body was slowly changing. Her skin and facial features are getting better and better, and she looks younger.

A turbid liquid oozes from all over her body, exuding a rotten stench. If she is awake, she will think of the body cleaning technique in Xianxia novels. With the awakening of her second ability, her body slowly mutated.

At the same time, in S city, Ji Qiu and Ji Bing, and their parents were sleeping soundly. Their bodies also began to mutate. In Ji Bing’s mind, a thumbnail size crystal slowly materialized, and after some time, it turned ice blue. While their parents’ brains didn’t have the crystal, their bodies were oozing turbid liquid.

As for Ji Qiu, a similar crystal slowly condensed in her brain while her body was oozing turbid liquid. It was about the same size as Ji Bing’s crystal, except that her crystal was dark green instead of ice blue. That night marked the first wave of the mutation of the ability-users.

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