Legend of The Twin Core – 02

Chapter 2

At the same time, in F city.

Ji Xia frowned in her sleep while curled up into a fetal position. After an hour, the pain slowly subsided. Cold sweat covered her whole body, her eyelashes trembled as she slowly opened her eyes.

There was a sharp pain in her head, as if her brain had been burned by magma. She propped herself up, vaguely remembering her dream. She didn’t know what her dream was, but she clearly saw Ji Qiu walking around in a strange place, where there was a house, farmland, river and pond.

That place is beautiful and bright. For a moment, she felt that place was connected to Ji Qiu’s soul that she could feel. As twins, they have had some connection since childhood. It’s like some kind of telepathy between twins.

While she was still thinking about her dream, a notification was received on her mobile phone. Picking up the phone, she saw a message from Ji Qiu.

【Xia, like the protagonist in Xianxia novels, I have obtained the ability of space.】

As always, her messages are short and to the point. She read the message several times before typing her reply.

【Is there a house, farmland, river, and pond in your space? 】

After sending the message, and after waiting for a while, she received another message from Ji Qiu.

【How did you know?】

Sure enough, she saw Ji Qiu’s space in her dream.

【I just saw it in a dream. It’s getting late, you’d better go to rest. 】

After sending the message, she put the phone on the bedside table and went to wash up. She was sweating and it was uncomfortable, so she wanted to take a bath before going to sleep. It was still early, so she could get a good night’s sleep before starting the day.

While washing her face, she saw the faint scenery in the mirror. Startled, she turned around quickly. She was a coward, and her courage is only as big as a meatbun. She even suspected that all her courage was taken away by Ji Qiu when they were still in the womb.

Seeing that there was nothing behind her, the blood on her face slowly drained and she turned pale. Swallowing her saliva, she slowly turned around and glanced at the mirror. After confirming that no ghosts would suddenly appear in the mirror, she was relieved.

She looked at the scenery for a while, and then remembered the space Ji Qiu had just obtained.

‘Is it the same procedure? Should I touch the mirror?’

She was torn between curiosity and fear. In the dream, she only saw Ji Qiu in space, and she didn’t know how she got in. After standing in front of the mirror for more than fifteen minutes, she finally took a step closer. But before she touched the mirror, a strange energy pulled her into the mirror.

The next second she came to her senses, she was already standing on a vast land. This space is very similar to Ji Qiu’s space. The space is about 500 square meters, and there is a house near the well.

Ji Xia walked down towards the river and took a deep breath when she saw the water was very deep. The river is about 15 meters wide and about 5 meters deep. The water in the river is very clear, but it is still a bit scary to be so deep. She can’t swim, so if she falls into the river, it’s game over.

She looked at her surroundings but only saw farmland, a house and a well. There is no pond. She scratched her head and walked towards the well. The well looks small from a distance, but it looks huge when she gets closer.

It was probably the biggest well she had ever seen. Usually the well is only 1 to 2 meters wide, but this one was 5 meters wide. She came closer and glanced into the well. The well was very deep, and she didn’t know how deep it was. It was dark, and it seemed to her like an abyss’ mouth.

“Hello?” she said to the mouth of the well.

Her voice echoed for a long time before disappearing. Based on this, she can guess that the depth of this well is at least a hundred meters or more.

‘Why is everything so deep here? It’s different from Qiu’s.’

She’s confused, but she doesn’t have an answer right now, so she just throws it behind her. Walking towards the house, she saw a small three-story house built of wood, river stones, and glass. The design is a fusion of modern and ancient courtyard styles. It’s different from Ji Qiu’s modern minimalist house.

She walked into the house and saw the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. The area is about 80 square meters. It looks smaller than Ji Qiu’s house. Seeing a staircase next to the bathroom, she went up to the second floor.

There is a small balcony on the second floor, facing the farmland. A corridor divides the house into two parts. On the left are two bedrooms, and on the right are a bedroom and a study.

After scanning the place, she walked to the third floor. As soon as she got to the third floor, she saw a small living room and a door. Opening the door, it was the master bedroom. This room is super big.

Unfortunately, her house has no bedrooms on the ground floor. If she brings her parents into her space, they need to climb stairs to get into the bedroom. And this master bedroom is on the top floor. It will be very difficult for the elderly to climb up.

She thinks Ji Qiu’s space is better. The house looks chic and modern. The interior design is also very considerate for the elderly. Although her house is a bit bigger and there are more bedrooms, climbing the stairs is still tiring. Indeed, neighbors’ gardens are always greener.

She looked into the space from the balcony in the master bedroom. She sees the farmland, divided into four sections by the river. Each part is about 100 square meters and is further divided into five plots. So each plot is about 20 square meters.

Thinking of the seeds she just bought last week, she might as well try to plant them here. She will also grow some fruit, which her mother likes to eat. While she was thinking about what to plant, she heard Ji Qiu’s voice coming from the void.

‘So this is what your space looks like.’

Her body stiffened with shock. She turned her head left and right, but did not find Ji Qiu.

It wasn’t long before she heard her sigh and said, ‘Stop looking around. I think it’s only my soul that comes here because our bodies are in different places.’

She took a gulp and asked, “What do you mean?”

‘Didn’t you say you saw my space in your dream? Right now I should be sleeping because we are twins and our souls are somehow connected, so we can enter each other’s space in soul form.’ Ji Qiu explained.

Hearing her words, a light bulb suddenly lit up in Ji Xia’s mind. If this theory is correct, then communication between them is convenient. There is no need to spend money on phone calls anymore.

‘Stop thinking about saving money. We can only communicate like this when one of us is awake and the other is asleep. Come to think of it, now that we’ve gained space power, do you think the apocalypse my friend was talking about will happen?’ Ji Qiu asked.

Thinking about the strange phenomena around the world in the past three months, what Ji Qiu’s friend said may be true. After all, Earth’s magnetic field shows signs of problem in the core.

“That might happen,” she said after a moment’s thought.

‘Then, we should be better prepared for the apocalypse. Since there is farmland, let’s plant crops here. You are a farmer, so you know this better than I do. Write a planting plan and email it to me. Ah, by the way, let’s plan according to the apocalypse genre novels we read before. All things considered. Zombies, mutants, viruses, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, meteor strikes and solar storms.’

Hearing her words, Ji Xia suddenly felt a headache. Her twin is fine with everything except she is so inflexible. They both have type A blood, but why are they so different? Her elder brother, youngest sister and twins all have similar personalities. Typical blood type A, perfectionist. She even suspects that they have OCD.

And she is more like a fake type A blood. She’s more laid back, clumsy, and a little messy. Well, she’ll probably admit that while it can be frustrating to hear them nag at times, at least she can lazily hang out while they clean.

‘Alright, I still have a lot of work to do so I have to wake up now. Remember to send me the plan as soon as possible.’

Hearing her words, Ji Xia felt a gust of wind blowing past her face, and could no longer feel Ji Qiu’s existence. She was speechless at how her sister was so cool-headed at this kind of situation. Doesn’t she worry or fear the impending end of the world?

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