Immortal in The Apocalypse – 80

Chapter 80

Amid Ye Yu’s panic call, Yin Heliu was still in shock. Without answering Ye Yu, she just stood up from the floor and ran out of the hospital ward. Seeing her pale face, Ye Yu quickly followed her. Yuan Yan and Luo Feiguang who were left behind looked at Wei Ziming and Ning Qingqing in embarrassment.

“It appears she is in a hurry. We will visit at another time. Please excuse us.”

After leaving this sentence, Yuan Yan took Luo Feiguang and left in a hurry. In the silent hospital ward, Wei Ziming looked at Ning Qingqing, and asked in a daze, “What’s going on?”

Ning Qingqing shook her head in a daze and answered him. “Looks like she just stole your water.”

“….. It seems so.” Wei Ziming looked at the empty glass on the table with a complicated expression.

While the two were still contemplating what happened just now, Ye Yu was searching for Yin Heliu in panic. After searching for more than half an hour, he still couldn’t find her. Unable to calm down, he took out the communicator with trembling hands.


The communicator fell to the ground when he was trying to turn it on. Looking down at the communicator on the ground, he clenched his hands and forced himself to calm down. Picking up the communicator, he pressed on it and contacted Huo Bai.

After a beeping sound, Huo Bai’s calm and gentle voice came from the communicator. “Are you looking for me?”

“Yes. Help me locate Liu’er.” He answered him as soon as Huo Bai asked.

Huo Bai noticed the slight tremble in his voice, and said, “Give me a minute.”

A few seconds later after a beeping sound, Huo Bai’s voice came. “She’s at Zhu Lin’s bamboo forest.”


Hung up the communication, Ye Yu didn’t waste any more time and ran directly into the bamboo forest. In this huge Night Base, the only place with plants is Zhu Lin’s bamboo forest. It is not difficult to find the only green area in this base.

Panting heavily, he arrived at the periphery of the bamboo forest in just a few minutes. After searching for a while, he saw Yin Heliu standing at the entrance of the bamboo forest. He breathed a sigh of relief and quickly approached her.


Hearing someone calling her, Yin Heliu turned around. Seeing Ye Yu who was covered in sweat and came over panting heavily, she was startled. Before she had time to ask him what was going on, Ye Yu hugged her tightly and said, “Don’t run away like this again in the future.”

Hearing his trembling voice and feeling his trembling body, she suddenly felt guilty. Not knowing how to answer him, she just silently let him hug her. Without getting her answer, Ye Yu let go of her and looked directly into her eyes.

“Promise me.”

Receiving his gaze, she nodded obediently. “Okay. I promise you.”

After getting her promise, he finally felt relieved and asked, “What’s wrong with you? Why did you suddenly run away? Are you okay?”

Unable to tell the truth, she looked away and said, “I want to see Zhu Lin.”

Ye Yu stared at her for a while, then said, “I’ll take you in.”


Holding her hand in his left hand, Ye Yu raised his right hand and touched the barrier in front of him. The barrier sensed his aura and slowly opened. Feeling the enchantment opened, he looked at her and said, “Let’s go.”

He led her in and walked on the small path in the forest. Yin Heliu looked back, and saw nothing behind them. But when she stepped on the forest path, she heard a faint buzzing sound.

[It is a protective barrier.] The sound of the system suddenly came.

She was a little surprised when she heard the system’s words, and asked: [Is there a protective barrier in this world? Isn’t the genre wrong?]

[It’s not. It was the woman named Zhu Lin who was wrong.] The system spoke with a hint of fear in its robotic voice.

After listening to the system, she fell into silence. A few seconds later, she asked: [Do you think she also has the spiritual courtyard like me? Or is she also a transmigrator?]

The system snorted coldly, and said: [Host, do you think people who can create such a protective barrier need a spiritual courtyard? And yes, she must be a transmigrator too. But what her mission is, it’s still a mystery. ]

She was confused and asked: [What do you mean? Isn’t my spiritual courtyard very powerful?]

The system really wants to pass on the basic manual about worlds to its host. After a few seconds of silence, the system’s voice came again.

[If you want to create a protective barrier of this level, you must at least reach the Nascent Soul Realm. The cultivators in the Nascent Soul Realm have formed their own spatial world. It’s much more powerful than your little spiritual courtyard.]

Unable to believe the system’s explanation, she said: [This is an apocalyptic world. How did the cultivators emerge out of nowhere? Don’t you think the genre is too messy?]

Since the system didn’t know the answer, it just ignored her question. She didn’t get the system’s answer, so she asked again: [How strong are the cultivators in the Nascent Soul Realm?]

This time, the system answered with confidence.

[If you want to know how strong a cultivator in the Nascent Soul Realm is, you must first know the realms of cultivation. The realms of cultivation are divided into fifteen realms. The order from lowest to highest is, Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, Golden Core Formation, Nascent Soul, Soul Formation, Nascent Divinity, Transcendent, Ascension, Exalted Immortal, Heavenly Immortal, Immortal King, Immortal Lord, Immortal Emperor, True God and Primordial God.]

Yin Heliu listened to the system explanation in awe. Just by hearing those names, she already felt the might of those cultivators. Satisfied with her reaction, the system continued its explanation.

[For talented cultivators, it will take at least two thousand years to break through to the Nascent Soul Realm. A cultivator in this realm can move mountains and split seas effortlessly. Their own spatial world is also formed accordingly. It can be said that they are half-gods with their own world. So, do you think she is strong or not?]

Before she could answer the system or ask more questions, Ye Yu’s voice came.

“We have arrived.”

Raising her head, there is a beautiful bamboo courtyard in front of her. Looking at the delicate flowers and ancient designs of the courtyard, her mouth can’t be closed. Seeing her amazed expression, Ye Yu smiled.

Gently rubbing her head, he asked, “You like this kind of design?”

After recovering from her amazement, she nodded and said, “Um. It’s very beautiful.”

“I will build one as our home in the future.”

Looking at him in surprise, she was speechless after hearing what he said just now. Ye Yu smiled at her and pushed open the low bamboo fence. Walking into the front yard, he saw Zhu Lin come out with a faint smile on her beautiful face.

“Come in.”

Follow her into the bamboo house, they sit down in the living room. As soon as they sat down, Long Shengyu came out of the kitchen with a tray. Putting the orange juice in front of them, he sat down beside Zhu Lin.

Looking at the freshly made orange juice in front of him, Ye Yu looked at Zhu Lin and asked, “You know we’re coming?”

“Yes. The moment you opened the barrier, I knew you were coming.”

As she said that, she looked at Yin Heliu and asked, “Has Miss Yin made her decision?”

When Yin Heliu heard her question, her body froze, and she asked back. “Wh… what do you mean?”

Zhu Lin still had a faint smile on her lips when she asked Yin Heliu again. “About the one who followed you. Have you decided to answer my question about that one?”

This time, it wasn’t Yin Heliu who panicked, but the system. Seeing that its host was pondering over what that scary woman said, it became anxious.

[Host! You can’t betray me! Do you remember the consequences of leaking any information about your system? You will be killed by the main system immediately!]

Yin Heliu came back to her senses after hearing the system warning, and quickly shook her head and said, “No, no, no. I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

Zhu Lin tilted her head, glanced at the top of Yin Heliu’s head for a while, and then asked, “Then what is Miss Yin’s purpose for visiting me?”

Distraught by Zhu Lin’s constant questioning, Yin Heliu blurted out whatever was on her mind. “I’ve come to ask for water.”

Zhu Lin blinked when she heard Yin Heliu’s answer and chuckled softly, while Ye Yu was confused by her nonsense answer. Long Shengyu, who was sitting beside Zhu Lin in silence, stared at Yin Heliu for a long time, then snorted at her.

Hearing Long Shengyu’s snort and sensing Ye Yu’s gaze, Yin Heliu felt like she wanted to die. Besides her, the system is also half dead. Zhu Lin just glanced at it lightly and almost crushed it to death. It couldn’t bear it anymore, and decided to go back to the main system to ask for backup support.

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