Immortal in The Apocalypse – 63

Chapter 63

The moment the zombie bird saw those humans, its shrill cry resounded through the sky. Zhu Lin covered her ears and reminded others. “Cover your ears! It has sound abilities!”

Her reminder came in time, but there were still some supernatural beings who were not fast enough to cover their ears and fell to the ground with blood flowing out from their ears. Ye Yu saw the loss of more than a dozen ability users with clenched teeth, as he observed the zombie bird and said, “Attack the one with the red crown first!”

Following his instructions, everyone looked for the zombie bird with a red crown on its head among the zombie birds. After searching for a while, they found a few zombie birds with red crowns on their heads, and quickly attacked them with all their skills. Before the skills touched the red-crowned zombie bird, another zombie bird flew in front of it and acted as a shield.

Zhu Lin saw their strange behaviors and said, “Ye Yu, this group of zombie birds seems to be controlled by higher level zombie birds.”

“It seems like that.” He responded while throwing dozens of lightning bolts, killing several zombie birds at once.

She pointed to the ordinary zombie birds that acted as shields, and then pointed to other red-crowned zombie birds that were not shielded by ordinary zombie birds. “Did you see that? I think it’s the leader.”

Ye Yu followed the direction she pointed, and immediately saw the difference. He glanced at her and they nodded to each other. The next second, Ye Yu raised his hands and summoned a dark thundercloud. Thunder rolled in the clouds, and the deafening crackling sound echoed. With his energy running, he casted a big lightning net and enveloped the zombie bird below it.

Crack!! Boom!


The leader of this group of zombie birds discovered Ye Yu’s lightning net, let out a shrill cry, and then flew down towards Ye Yu at high speed. Seeing that Ye Yu was still casting his lightning net, Zhu Lin drew her sword and prepared to block the incoming attack in front of him. Her eyes were calm, but she exuded a sharp sword energy all over her body.

Seeing that the leader of the zombie bird had entered her attack range, she grasped the sword and activated the immortal art light step technique. In the next second, she soared into the air with a jump and met the zombie bird leader’s claw in the air.


In just a second, she fended off this powerful attack, turned around and slashed at the zombie bird leader. The zombie bird leader are not easy to deal with either. Zhu Lin’s sword hadn’t even touched its back, when it dodged aside using the wind pressure, and struck back at her, trying to bite off her head.

Seeing the approaching zombie bird leader’s beak, she made a hand seal, and an ice-blue formation appeared in front of her instantly. With a horizontal slash, countless ice swords flew in the direction of the zombie bird leader. As a god who cultivated the sword way, her fighting style is fierce. If she can attack, she won’t defend.

Facing her powerful attacks, the zombie bird leader is forced to defend. The blood-red eyes were full of fury, and the zombie bird screamed again.


This time, the movements of the other zombie birds stopped instantly. When the other ability users took a breather from the lessened pressure, Zhu Lin knew that the next wave of attacks was about to hit her. Without waiting for the zombie birds to launch any attack, she landed lightly on the ground.

She stabbed her long sword on the ground and made a complex set of hand seals. Opening her palm, she slammed her palm to the ground.

Bang! Shring~

The moment her palm touched the ground, a large formation appeared. The formation array is getting bigger and bigger, covering the entire battlefield in just a few seconds. Zhu Lin kneeled with one leg in the center of the formation, biting her thumb and smearing her blood on the formation’s center.

As the formation became brighter, her blood seeped into the formation. She completed the formation array in only a few seconds. When the sword energy gushed out from the formation, the leading zombie bird suddenly let out a series of screams.

“Qii!! Qii!!”

The ability users quickly covered their ears, but the sound wave from the zombie bird leader was stronger than last time. Just when they couldn’t hold on anymore, a mental barrier suddenly enveloped them. Those ability users fell to the ground one by one, panting heavily.

Zhu Lin noticed that someone had set up a mental barrier around them, but she didn’t pay much attention. After finishing her sword formation array, she stood up and pulled the long sword out of the ground. Directing the sword energy to the sword body, she lowered her body slightly and slashed at the leader of the zombie bird.


An ice dragon flew out of the formation on the ground with a roar, rushing towards the zombie bird leader together with her sword energy. When the zombie bird leader saw the oncoming ice dragon, it let out another scream.


In the next second, all the zombie birds rushed towards the ice dragon like a swarm of bees. Zhu Lin looked back at Ye Yu, and saw him nodding towards her. After receiving his signal, she leaps back beside him while controlling the ice dragon.

Clenching both of his hands, Ye Yu blasted down the huge lightning net, capturing all the zombie birds at once. Those zombie birds were trapped inside Ye Yu’s lightning net and were directly burned to death, and the leader was also defenseless at that moment. Seeing the opportunity, Zhu Lin quickly controlled the ice dragon and rushed towards the zombie bird leader.


Without the protection of the other zombie birds, the zombie bird leader was smashed directly by Zhu Lin’s ice dragon. Its body is covered with countless wounds, but its eyes still look at them. Before Zhu Lin could react, the zombie bird leader dived at them and blew itself up.

“Be careful!” She rushed to Ye Yu without hesitation.

“Xiao Lin!”

Zhu Lin steps before Ye Yu and blocks the energy explosion for him. She raised her sword to meet with the impact, but before the energy explosion hit her, the space behind the zombie bird leader cracked, and the void sucked away the energy explosion together with the zombie bird leader. In an instant, the void closed and the entire area fell into silence.

Ye Yu panted heavily, and rushed up to support her. “Xiao Lin, are you okay?”

She looked up at him and said, “I’m fine.”

Seeing that she was fine, he gritted his teeth and said, “There will be no next time.”

Knowing what he meant, she just gave him a smile. She doesn’t make promises she can’t keep. When they raised their heads, they saw that the mental barrier covering them slowly disappeared. Before she could find the caster of the mental barrier, a cold voice came from their back.

“How long do you want to hold onto him?”

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